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Use These Designated Driver Services To Get Home Safely

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Every year, around 14 000 South Africans die in motor vehicle crashes, with as many as 150 000 more injured. More than half of these accidents are directly attributable to alcohol consumption. Remove yourself from that statistic by joining one of these designated driver services.


To ensure a worry-free night, the AA has introduced its designated driver service to combat DUI (driving under the influence) road accidents. This service runs from 17:30 to 04:00 with bookings closing at 02:00. There is a 35km cap between your pickup point and your destination. At the time of writing, the AA's designated driver service costs R299 per trip, which includes an option to drop your friends off on the way back from the party.

It’s easy to book: just call 0861 466 444.


The smart way home would be to give Good Fellas a call. One of the most popular designated driver services, Goodfellas has made a name by safely ferrying their clients to and from hot spots. There's even an app on the Play and iTunes stores, which you can use to arrange and manage your bookings. Goodfellas also has a chartered bus service and you can hire a driver for up to six hours – which is cool if you plan on bar hopping with friends.

Get the app or call them on 0861 433 552.

BuDDys Designated Drivers

BuDDys is your buDDy on standby after you've had a bit too much fun. With a reliable designated driver service, they make sure you get home safely. Become a member and have peace of mind whenever you decide to let your hair down or whenever it happens by 'accident'! BuDDys makes sure this is the only 'accident' you have.

Contact them 0861 283 397.

Scooter Angels

Although Scooter Angels don't use scooters anymore, they still provide their designated driver service in the same stylish fashion they've become known for. Two “Angels” are dispatched to the pick-up location for the agreed collection time. One of them will drive you home safely in the comfort of your own vehicle, while the other follows to collect the driver afterwards. There is no sign-up cost if you are a Discovery Insurance member.

Contact them on 087 233 8787.

Nite Owls

These guys drive you whether you are a member or not. Plus they have the unique service of lady drivers, understanding that women feel safer with a fellow woman chauffeuring them home. This service is offered on request and at no extra charge. More than 1 000 bars and restaurants in South Africa recommend the Nite Owl service to their patrons.

Contact them on 0861 648 3695.

Have you tried any of these services before? Let us know in the comments section below. Share the knowledge and post this article on social media. 


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