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Design Courses at Vega Worth Checking Out

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We all know that knowledge is power, so if you fancy becoming a designer or simply want to sharpen your skills, then check out these cool courses from Vega.

Game Design

If you’re a gamer, then it goes without saying that you’ve thought about creating your own games before. Well, with Vega’s Game Design course you can do just that. The short learning course equips you with the know-how to create your own fantasy worlds, be it flying through the outer rim of the galaxy or fighting orcs in a cornfield (yeah, we’ve played our fair share of WoW). This course introduces students to gameplay, game worlds and genres and how the psychology of gamers influences the design of games. The course further identifies concept and design, optimised user interfaces for traditional gaming platforms, mobile devices and touchscreens. It also touches on VR design.

Web Design

You’ve surveyed enough online content to realise that it’s now time to make the evolutionary leap from spectator to creator. Vega’s short course in Web Design gives you the necessary skills to design websites fit for an internet personality.

Desktop Publishing and Design

We live in an age where tech is the first step to anything and everything we do these days. With that said, it is important to know your way around desktop publishing programmes, such as the industry-leading Adobe suites. The Introduction to Desktop Publishing and Design course equips you with software skills in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Interior Decorating 

Are you obsessed with colours, fabrics and textiles? Do you enjoy decorating rooms and arranging furniture? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Introduction to Interior Decorating short course at Vega is just for you. In this 18-week course, you will learn the basics of interior decorating, the theory of decorating and how to apply this in practice.

Advanced Dressmaking

During this programme, students are introduced to garment construction principles and techniques through practical application. This exciting six-month course will cover the full dressmaking process, from the inception stages all the way through to the creation and completion of a garment.

Check out Vega for more information.

By Shawn Greyling

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