Mind Blowing Food Cuisines You Need To Try

Here are some cuisines that you need to explore at least once in your life. Let’s check out these flavourful spots. Let’s eat!

Food Cuisine

Guys! I love food, and I had to mention this from the get go so that you understand why I have to share the food love with all of you. Foodies will tell you, “There is nothing better than travelling through a mouthwatering journey of cuisines”.

With all that said, variety is my middle name so let’s check out these awesome spots that are just waiting with deliciousness ready to be given a taste or two.

Food Cuisines



Many could easily confuse the Vietnamese cuisine to Japanese, although their food may sometimes look very similar, the “Viets” are all about aroma and that is why we had to introduce you to Saigon.

Saigon is based in Rivonia and is one of the few Vietnamese joints that Joburgers can visit and drool over. Their food is out of this world with flavour and unique touches – with a variety of meat dishes that will have you clueless as to where to begin.

Saigon has amazing service and the environment is very relaxed so you can definitely enjoy taking a loved one or even a business associate here.

Food Cuisines



Okay! So I am in love with souvlaki’s (lamb to be more specific) and there is nothing better than enjoying succulent meat dressed in Tzatziki and hugged with fresh Pita. First place I thought of after this drool worthy thought is Parea.

This gem hidden in Illovo has been around for over 20 years and really lives up to the Greek traditional feel. The minute you set foot at this spot; you will know what I am talking about. The food is impeccable – they have a wide variety to choose from plus they make it just right. Their lamb is my weakness 🤤🙌

This is a gem you must visit.

Food Cuisines



Chipas, Fam. I have three words. What a yum!

This spot is one of the newest restaurants to grace The [email protected], and I have to say – people are lovin’ it (excuse the pun). Personally! I think the food here is just amaze-balls, always fresh and bursts with flavour. Something that I also love is the colours they put in the mix – very inviting.

The decor here is something that really stands out, with dark touches and simplicity that will have you inspired by the trendy minimalist look.

Food Cuisines


Les delices de France 

If you roll your tongue without shame, I am certain you said that correctly. Les delicas de France reminds me why French is called the language of love, not only this but their food is absolutely divine.

This amazing restaurant is situated in the west of Joburg, Roodepoort but best believe – it is worth visiting. The spot is spontaneous, warm and would make for a romantic intimate time out.

My favourite has to be the duck leg confit, this duck is caressed and cured with peace sauce. I’m drooling so I will stop the boat right here.

Joburg! It’s time to introduce those taste buds to something new and amazing.

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