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Craft Council

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Traditionally craft objects were made for domestic or ceremonial use. Today these objects can be purchased as collectibles and decorative objects in both the local and the tourism market. This makes craft a viable means of earning a living for many thousands of South Africans.

The potential in this country for export and tourism is enormous and it is imperative that crafters be ready to meet the challenge.

The Craft Council of South Africa is a non-profit organisation, registered as a Section 21 Company under the Companies act of 1973. The policy of the CCSA is to be fully inclusive of all people in South Africa regardless of race, gender or belief.

Home of Craft Showcase, Craft Council Shop (Pty) Ltd , The Craft Council of South Africa, Artist Proof Studios, Visual Arts & Crafts Association VACA. Imbali, Drum Cafe and others still to come.


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  1. Mmmm.. interesting.. but would you happen to know what has happened to all the craftsmen that used to congregate around Bruma Lake Flea Market?

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