Cosplay Costume Hire & Supply Stores In Joburg

Cosplay season is almost here! With ComicEX, Rage, Rush, Comic Con and ICON on their way, it’s time to start tinkering away at your costumes and props. But, if you are a newbie to the cosplay scene or are simply short on time, Joburg has a number of handy cosplay costume hire and supply stores to help you on your way. Here are our top picks.

Cosplay Costume Hire & Supply Stores In Joburg

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Razzmatazz Costume Hire

Razzmatazz Costumes have been in the business since 2006. Owner Susan makes their well-known, hand-crafted costumes. Razzmatazz stock a wide range of sci-fi, steampunk, anime, gaming and superhero costumes. Their rental prices are by far some of the most reasonable as well. Plus, you can hire out your costume for up to a week. If your costume needs a little sprucing up with a wig, mask or accessory, Razzmatazz has got you covered. From coloured contact lenses to knee high stockings, they have got it all. Razzmatazz is the costume store for you if you are short on time, low on cash or have just always dreamed of donning a full Chewbacca costume.

Details: 011 452 4555 | 72 Voortrekker Avenue, Edenvale |

Jods Hire Service

Jods is a costume players wonderland. This costume store never seems to end, stretching across an entire warehouse floor. From wall to wall, there are costumes of every kind. Their steampunk collection is especially impressive. Think adjustable skirts, colourful corsets and hats galore. The Jods staff are always super friendly and willing to assist. With some of them being cosplayers themselves, they know exactly what you need to nail the perfect look. Visit Jods if you are planning a first time cosplay – you should find exactly what you are looking for.

Details: 011 450 4424/5 | Tile Africa Building 108 A.G.De Witt Drive, Sunnyrock |



Scalliwags is situated in Alberton. But, they also have an online store for your convenience. Their costume themes are extensive, ranging from TV and movie characters, fairytales and super heroes and villains. Harry Potter fans, get your wizard robes here, or join the dark side and dress up as Lord Voldemort. You will find the Archie comics gang here, too. In their original form, not the Riverdale version, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead await you. Or, you could go with popular trends and cosplay a comic book hero or villain. Scalliwags stocks crossplay and gender-bend costumes in their superheroes section, too. Let’s see a whole lot of Spidergirls, Lady Flash and female Ninja Turtles. Girl power!

**Please contact Scalliwags in advance if you are looking for a superhero costume. Limited sizes may be available.

Details: 011 869 1201 | 1st floor Alberante Centre, 37 Penzance Street, New Redruth |

Sinderella Costume Hire

Even though Game of Thrones has come to an end (sigh), we know that fans are going to be cosplaying this series for years to come. If you are a GoT fundi, pop by Sinderella Costume Hire. They offer a wide range of medieval inspired costumes for hire, including faux fur coats, sword sheaths and floor length robes. Ladies, ready your dragons – Sinderalla costumes has a full Khaleesi costume, complete with blonde wig. Now, you can slay any enemy who stands in your way to victory on the cosplay stage.

Details: 011 326 0446 | 9 Hunter St, Ferndale, Randburg |


CosKraft SA

This one is for the cosplay artists who refuse to buy anything they can make themselves. CosKraft SA is an online platform specialising in cosplay supplies. They offer wigs, cosmetic lenses, foam and worbla to help you build your dream cosplay. CosKraft should be your first stop when looking for a high-quality wig. With over 25 different black wigs in stock alone, you are sure to find one to suit your desired look. These wigs are heat resistant, so straighten, curl or blowdry away. CosKraft is also a great store to stock up on prop making goodies. Foam clay and worbla are ideal for molding custom-designed weaponry. Check out their online store here.


CosplayMiu is an international online cosplay costume and accessories shop. Costumes are custom designed according to your size specifications. Get your premium hand-crafted manga or anime costumes, cosplay wigs and Lolita dresses. Shipping takes between 5 – 10 days after you place your order, depending on the intricacy of the costume. Their website is a wonderful place to look for costume inspiration, too. They feature images of the relevant characters opposite the costume for sale. This way you can compare the quality and similarity of the costume with your favourite anime and manga characters.

Visit their website for more information.

**Please note that shipping costs may apply.


Do you know of any other cosplay costume hire and supply stores in Joburg? Let us know about them. 

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