Cooking With UCOOK and J Something

Would you like to cook like South Africa’s favourite foodie, muso, and TV personality? Well, now you can with the UCOOK x J’Something meal-kit. Here’s what’s in the box!

This July and August (2018),  South Africa’s top dinner-kit delivery service, UCOOK, and award-winning musician, author of Something’s Cooking, and judge on My Kitchen Rules SA, J’Something, team up to deliver a four-week food experience that will do more than tantalise your tastebuds.

Available for order on, this collaboration will explore J’s Portuguese heritage, his flair for healthy dishes without skimping on flavour and his journey to becoming a culinary king. To J’Something, traditional recipes and sharing are at the heart of cooking, and this comes through when one sees the recipes he’s put together for this experience. Now you can master meals like Bifanas, Caldo Verde Soup, Piri Piri Chicken, Beef Steak Bitoque, Rainbow Trout, J’s Spaghetti Bolognaise, Black Bean Tacos and more. You can choose 3 recipes a week and enjoy delivery of everything you need to cook J’s dishes the following Sunday or Monday, depending on your preference.

The singing wanna be chef 😋

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The J’Something UCOOK collaboration kicks off on 11 July 2018 and runs for a period of four weeks. This tag team brings 13 incredible recipes to UCOOK, all of which have been remixed with UCOOK’s commitment to seasonal local produce and simple cooking.

With that said, we had the opportunity to get a hands-on experience with these meal-kits before its official launch date! The instructions are straight forward and easy to follow – we recommend reading it once through before starting. The ‘Bifana Bifana’ came out just as if J’Something was peering over our shoulders, singing into our ears, but we did tweak the recipe a tad by adding a fried egg to one of the pork sandwiches (shhh, nobody has to know).

The average prep and cook time for all three recipes is around 45 minutes, but the steaks need to be pre-marinated for the gran’s pasta dish kit for extra flavour. Each ingredient, except for the carrots and onions, are individually packaged and labelled. The only things you’d need to add would be olive oil, salt, and pepper… oh, and you have to cut your own veggies and onions – great excuse to work on those knife skills! Sadly we weren’t able to take any photos of our lovely creations because Shawn’s lens is broken… way to go, Shawn!


Fans also have the opportunity to cook along in real time with J on Facebook and Instagram on 23 July, and listen to a specially curated UCOOK x J’Something playlist on while they prepare his meals. UCOOK is also giving away his new cookbook, Something’s Cooking, to lucky home chefs who share their UCOOK experience.

UCOOK co-founder, Christopher Verster-Cohen, has based his dinner-kit delivery service on a concept that he discovered in the UK called HelloFresh. This collaboration with J’Something is a first for the start-up company and acts as a trial run and case study. J’Something says that it’s been a fun experience working with the UCOOK team and is excited at the fact that his dishes will be recreated in kitchens across the country.

The idea behind UCOOK has always been to give people inspiration in the kitchen without the hassle of having to shop, portion the ingredients and find a recipe worth creating. The UCOOK team takes the thinking work out of preparing and cooking incredible meals. “Letting fans of UCOOK learn to prepare J’Something’s recipes gives them a taste of his talents in their own home,” says Verster-Cohen.

UCOOK is offering our readers 30% off their first order with code #joburgcoza

By Shawn Greyling

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