Contemporary Mediterranean Flair at Club Como


Embark on a Mediterranean voyage without the need for a passport! Spread the word to your family and friends, because a delectable new hotspot has arrived! Get ready to be whisked away on a culinary adventure inspired by the sun-soaked shores of the Mediterranean. Get ready to savour a fusion of flavors that capture the essence of this vibrant and diverse region, right here at Club Como.

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Club Como Finds a Home at Morningside Shopping Centre

Indulge in a stylish dining experience amidst the inviting ambiance of the Mediterranean at Club Como. The restaurants brings together the rich flavours and styles of Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian cultures, creating a unique culinary fusion. Their commitment to aesthetics, ambience, and delectable cuisine ensures an authentic experience inside and out. Rest assured, what you see is what you get—Club Como is the real deal, providing an immersive journey through Mediterranean culture and cuisine.

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Club Como’s Culinary Odyssey

Club Como offers a wide array of sushi options, boasting over 14 signature rolls and beloved classics. Guests can embark on a culinary adventure with the exquisite Spaghetti Prawn Olio, a tantalising journey to Italy in every bite. For those seeking vegetarian options, Club Como also offers an array of delectable small plates. Seafood enthusiasts will find a tempting selection of dishes featuring the freshest catches of the day.

The Décor

Moroever, Club Como offers a multifaceted dining experience that caters to various preferences. With its spacious outdoor seating area.. The restaurant takes pride in being wheelchair-friendly, ensuring accessibility for all patrons. Stay connected with complimentary WiFi, allowing you to share your delightful moments with friends and family instantly. The clean aesthetic of the space is adorned with statues of Greek philosophers, adding a touch of intellectual charm to the overall ambiance. This unique blend of features ensures that every visitor can find their own piece of comfort and enjoyment at Club Como.

Photo Credits: Elaine Effects

For More Information

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Address: Rivonia Road &, Outspan Road, Morningside, Sandton.

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