Comic Con Africa Is Returning to Johannesburg in September


This September, Johannesburg will turn into a gaming hub once again, when Comic Con Africa 2024 opens its doors. From September 26 to 29, the Johannesburg Expo Centre will welcome gamers and geek culture enthusiasts into its halls to celebrate the world of pop culture and gaming with a varied and exciting programme. However, this is not the only gaming extravaganza taking place in Johannesburg, as a diverse gaming scene delivers gaming action throughout the year to tide gamers over.

Gaming at Comic Con 

Gaming is at the very core of Comic Con, and 2024 won’t be any different. Any type of gamer, from professional esports players to casual gamers, will find games, events, and merch to celebrate their love for games. Free-to-play zones and tournaments invite guests to play their hearts out, compete with their friends, and try to get to the top of the leaderboards. At various tournaments, both pro and casual gamers can prove their mettle in popular games and grab juicy prizes. South Africa’s best professional esports teams will get a chance to fight for glory at the Telcom VS Masters esports tournament. As the largest independent gaming brand, organizes esports tournaments throughout the year, which will culminate in the VS Masters this September. An event, esports enthusiasts shouldn’t miss. 

Other Highlights 

Video games are not all this massive pop culture festival entails. Those who prefer analogue games will find a wide variety of tabletop gaming offerings, including free-to-play campaigns in games like Dungeons & Dragons and much more. The folks from are bringing their unplugged A-game to the convention to deliver top-notch offline table-top adventures.  

Another highlight will be the huge cosplay competition, where cosplayers dress up as their favourite characters from comics, games, movies, anime, etc. and express their creativity and passion for pop culture with the most impressive costumes. Anyone can sign up and partake or enjoy the show and marvel at all the different characters. Rounding off the highly anticipated event, local and international artists will showcase their incredible artwork based on comic books, pop culture, and more, some of which can even be purchased. Tons of booths selling all kinds of merch will have any visitor walk out with a new wardrobe featuring their favourite characters, while after-hour parties will invite everyone to celebrate the geek culture and dance the night away.

Geek and Gaming Scene in Johannesburg

Comic Con is still a few months away, thankfully this isn’t the only place where gamers unite in Johannesburg, as the city features many gaming venues. One of the places gaming enthusiasts can visit throughout the year is The Nexus Hub in Gauteng. The shop boasts a huge amount of gaming and pop culture products, including games, comic books, and anything a geek’s heart could desire. It’s also a gaming hub with exciting events. Gamers come together to enjoy thrilling LAN parties, while tabletop players get their fill at weekly CCG tournaments, including Magic, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, D&D events, and board game nights. This is where the local gamer community comes together to play. 

More table games await at the Montecasino in Fourways. This entertainment complex boasts expansive gaming floors with more than 80 table games, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and poker. With over 1,700 slot games, it also brings traditional game machines to Johannesburg. Even though they have been around for decades, they are still the heart of any casino and widely popular today. Through virtual offers on platforms like, they are now more easily accessible than ever before, as players can play slots for free at any time. This continues to boost their popularity in the modern age. Players in Johannesburg can visit the Montecasino to play. Those hoping for a more high-tech gaming experience, featuring virtual adventures that are out of this world, should visit one of the available VR arcades. Both Blue Ocean VR and VR Evo offer large selections of exciting VR games. From single-player experiences in space to multiplayer shoot-outs, visitors can enjoy different experiences in a new dimension. There are plenty of options available for gamers in Johannesburg to pass the time until Comic Con comes to town. 

Johannesburg is the place to be for gamers and geek culture enthusiasts in the region. The city will turn into a colourful hub celebrating gaming and pop culture once again when Comic Con Africa returns this September. Until then, the large variety of gaming offers should keep everyone playing. 

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