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[ comfort zone ] products are conceived according to an innovative, contemporary spa approach to skin care bestowing exceptional care and pleasure for the skin and the senses.

Chrono-aging, exposure to weather changes, frequent flying, stressful mind and body conditions, unprotected exposure to sun and pollution, deeply compromise the health and beauty of the skin.

[ comfort zone ] offers products and treatments that are benefit-oriented: their use can be customized according to skin conditions and lifestyle habits so that each person can find the most effective solution according to their specific psychophysical state. Each formulation is the result of advanced and constant researches combining the wisdom of nature and the intelligence of science. Through the effectiveness of the selected vegetal active ingredients and an extremely pleasant multisensorial approach, they bestow both immediate and long-term exceptional results.

[ comfort zone ] partnering spas:


Wellness Warehouse
Roben - 082 2960155
[email protected]/[email protected]

Beauty Corner
Zenita - 011 4403656

Body Sense
[email protected]

Forum Homini
Mariaan - 011 6687000
[email protected]

Healing Hands
Lisa - 082 2223069
[email protected]

Hyatt Regency
Berenice - 011 2801234
[email protected]

La Lique
Louise - 011 942 1825
[email protected]

Time Out
[email protected]

Toujour Tu
Talita - 011 455 1016
[email protected]

Tranquil Sanctuary – Ruimsig
Leigh Anne - 083 4179510
[email protected]

Woodlands Wellness Centre & Spa
Marisa - 011 9573269
[email protected]

Yukon Day Spa
Elise - 011 4765113
[email protected]

Emfuleni day spa (VAAL)
Johnine (Janet manager) - 016 9821704
[email protected]


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