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Come Explore Gratitude Restaurant

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If you're looking for something different to do around the city, make sure to check out Gratitude in Modderfortein. I have been there and let me tell you what, their restaurant is amazing, chilled vibes and of course you'll be treated like royalty with amazing staff and of course not forgetting their mouthwatering food. From sea food to hearty meals, giving you everything delicious under the sun. Gratitude Restaurant

It's A Celebration Of Life

Gratitude is modern, with high end fittings and elegance in abundance. The tranquil spot with massive balcony over the lake in prime, that does justice to the stunning menus and upscale décor. And if you are travelling you will be glad to know that OR Tambo International is just ten minutes away, so you're covered you can definitely go grab a meal of two before hitting the road, or if you've just arrived be sure to pop by at Gratitude.

Gratitude Restaurant

Who Runs The Show?

“Come and taste our Sea Bass and Haloumi Salad,” says proprietor Nomzoli Cwane. Who exudes the patient resilience, and tolerance of a people’s person, and of a successful restaurateur. She further explains that you need to understand your customers and to be aware of the dynamics of a restaurant. Nomzoli says she's always had the entrepreneurial spirit and love for food. She is a wife, a mother of three, and a businesswoman, who grew up in the village of Engcobo in the Eastern Cape. They started the business as a family, and have been involved in a franchise for five years now, their business employs 25 people. The restaurant is huge, with a cool interior and regal gold light fittings, lots of glass and a pleasing airiness.

What To Expect?

This is a family restaurant where attentive service and elegant décor combine in a busy hum of happy staff and clientele. The experience comes together over awesome food, a sense of style and warmth, for families, parents and children, romantic dates, business networkers, and old friends.

Seafood-based the restaurant is fast becoming famous for its fabulous platters and combos. How does Moorish skewers sound? Chicken skewers rubbed with Middle Eastern spice and served with a dipping sauce. I am already hungry just thinking about it.

Meat lovers will definitely go mad over those succulent rib eye stakes grilled to customer's specifications, and fabulous prawn tacos. With a wide variety of sides to choose from. The seafood pasta is the best ever made, don't believe us? Go taste it for yourself!

Gratitude Restaurant

What More Do They Have In Store For You?

They also do private dining, and semi-private dining for smaller groups, you just need to make sure you make a booking before hand. Every last Sunday of the month is Jazz and live music day. They like to feature artists on their way up to boost their visibility. "We Africans like to mingle with people and music connects people and the jazz we offer is not that old, deep jazz", she says with a smile. It seems like the future for Gratitude is super bright because they believe that it is a strong brand we also agree, having the potential for growth. Seeing that it attracts people from all corners of the world, and growing to become a franchise one day.

Gratitude Restaurant

For More Information

Where: Gratitude Celebrate Life, Shop 12, Flamingo Market, Queens Street, Modderfontein, Lethabong, Johannesburg.

Visit this website for more information. Or simply call them 010 786 1691 or follow them on:

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