Tick Your Colourbox To Being Fashionably Fabulous

Looking good is about more than just clothes, it comes with a whole lot sparkle, pop of color, personality and a whole lot of Colourbox.

Tick Your Colourbox To Being Fashionably Fabulous

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Everyone loves to feel good and we have found a haven for ladies that will change your lives. Ever heard of Colourbox? If you haven’t, it’s about time that you know all about this amazing store where all wardrobe dreams come true.

Colourbox SA

Colourbox considers themselves a one-stop fashion and lifestyle store. They opened their first physical boutique around 2016 and this was the start of many fashion wardrobes receiving so much love, pizzazz and personal touches to an outfit. You will be ticking off that Colourbox to being fashionably fabulous in no time.

They also bring in some good quality clothing with brands like Aldo, Maaji, One Season, Medusa, Mr Boho and many more. Some of their clothes are sourced locally and internationally, so you’ve got the option of the best of both worlds.

Colourbox SA

What Colourbox Is About?

The pride themselves in their selected offering, making sure that anyone who has their clothing or accessories feel beautiful and fashion forward.

Here are some items that they offer…


They have full piece swimwear and bikinis. If unique and creative is what you are after, then Colourbox is just the place you have been looking for. Right when you thought it’s all about ladies, they added an element of surprise. They also have trunks for the guys, and some cute swimwear for the kids, too.


Their clothing range has diversity with knitwear, destination wear as well as active wear. Their clothes are trendy with unique designs and the quality is absolutely great.

Colourbox SA


What’s an outfit without accessories, right? They have a range of bags such as weekender bags, clutches and beach bags. It doesn’t end there, they also have unique and bold jewellery pieces and stylish eyewear by Mr Boho.

If you want more inspiration and want to keep up with the trends and news in fashion, Colorbox also has a cool blog that you can follow. Their blog focuses on keeping you informed about new products in the fashion industry as well so you can be the first to get the scoop on what could inspire your next outfit.

Colourbox SA

Giving A Gift

Colourbox has amazing gifting options. They have Pink Milk Bathing Range of bath soak as well as sugar polish. These come in a super cool packaging with design. To top that all off, they also have gift vouchers in case you want to open the avenues of the receiver.

Where You Can Find Them?

Colourbox is situated in the urban contemporary Melrose Arch and they also have another branch in Morningside.

Alternatively, if going into store is not your idea of fun, then you also have the convenient option to utilise their online cart to make your purchases and hard decisions (their stuff is too cool, good luck).


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