Why CityRock Is The Best Fun Gem For The Kids

Kids want to have fun and if they are getting bored and restless, City Rock is just the place where you want to take them.

Why CityRock Is The Best Fun Gem For The Kids

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We’ve found something action-packed to get the kids excited while making new friends – CityRock.

We all know kids are care-free, they just want to have fun and live their best little lives. Sometimes, they also get to a point where they get restless and bored easily. It can be hard for parents to always find new, innovative ideas and things to keep the kids entertained.

This facility will allow them to learn new mental and strength discipline.

CityRock Johannesburg

What Is CityRock?

CityRock is the coolest climbing environment in Joburg and has a course for both parents and children.

They offer a lot of amazing activities such as top rope and lead climbing, bouldering, belay walls and a parent’s favourite, the kids climbing facilities.

Parents can enroll their children into the course which includes a one-on-one introduction. Just a heads up though, children that are under the age of 5 are not allowed to climb at CityRock and they clearly state that they do not make exceptions regarding this.

CityRock Johannesburg

Let’s Do This…

CityRock has introductory courses on specific days of the month, allowing your little ones to get schooled on the how-tos and techniques when climbing, this includes safety procedures. They are in safe hands.

Many precautions have to be taken to ensure that the kids are well-equipped to start having their endless fun. They have to do a top rope belay course first before they can move on. They have classes for ages 5 – 14 years old.

Just to add on to the awesomeness that comes with this fun-filled activity, the introductory course comes with a starter kit which includes:

  • Figure 8 tie-in knot to climb
  • Gear rental (shoes, harness)
  • Basic climbing safety procedures

CityRock Johannesburg

Fun For All…

The awesome thing about this is the fact that parents can also have fun with the kids and spend some quality time as a family. CityRock caters for all ages 5 and above, so you can even bring the grandparents to have fun.

CityRock also hosts birthday parties. The parties are always filled with energy of 6 to about 25 kids.

Their fun times include team races on the automatic belay wall, top rope climbing, basic knot tying skills, ladder climbing, bouldering and the kids simply enjoying themselves. Their birthday parties are only hosted on Saturdays and Sundays.

They also have Crags Day which are specifically doneduring the holidays to offer cool experiences for the little ones.


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