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"Coffee on the go" @ Cinema Nouveau screened by Jameson

The best news this winter is that movie lovers will be able to settle down with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the latest movie at Cinema Nouveau screened by Jameson.

From Friday, 14th of July 2006 coffee and biscuits will be on sale at Brooklyn and Rosebank Cinema Nouveau screened by Jameson cinemas. The coffee is supplied by Douwe Egberts, one of the world’s largest coffee roasters and purveyor of some of the best coffee blends globally. Served in insulated disposable cups with sip lids, "coffee on the go" is served either black or with frothed milk and will definitely change the movie experience forever.

“We’ve wanted to serve coffee for some time now but the challenge has always been how do you serve the best cup of coffee in the shortest time possible because the one thing everybody hates is standing in long queues waiting to be served. We believe we’ve got the answer and hope you’ll come and have a cup of coffee with us next time you want to see a great art film,” said Fiaz Mahomed, CEO, Ster-Kinekor Theatres.

Launching at the same time is a range of handmade luxury biscuits from Mantelli’s, one of the leading suppliers of premium biscuits in the country. Made with real butter and certified both kosher and halaal, three ranges will be on sale - shortbread, biscotti and choc chip with hazelnut. The biscuits are available in a snack pack of 2 biscuits or the bigger value pack for 2 people to share.

Make sure you get coffee and biscuits every time you visit Cinema Nouveau screened by Jameson - movies have never tasted this good.


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