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Make Your Move With These Different Chess Spots

Make Your Move With These Different Chess Spots

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Find the perfect spots in Johannesburg to guide you in your chess journey. Make Your Move With These Different Chess Spots. Unique to it's own. Chess Johannesburg

We all have a favourite game that we love to play, whether just a fun or analytical game. Many overlook the fun behind the analytical so we have decided to bring a wistful touch of nostalgia to you. Let's take a look at Johannesburg's very own chess clubs.

Joburg is filled with many things to do so it can get quite confusing or hard to find the right extra mural or entertaining factor to suit what you want. This is especially hard if you are looking for a game that tests your mind and train of thought.

We are here to help you find your next knockout move with these chess clubs.

Chess SA - All You Need To Know

Chess SA is all about chess, whether it's local of international, they are on it.

They coordinate and organise fun activities from all around the country. So, if you want to find out more about the exciting tournaments and what's happening in the chess scene, you have found the right place. Here, you get to see all the number crunches and leaders in the game, literally.

Chess SA is the place for someone who wants more than just to play, it's about living the life of moving kings and queens. For all the parents out there, they also have kids tournaments - great way to pick up a new skill.

Chess Johannesburg

Chess SA

House Of Chess - Making The Best Buy

It's all good to get your chess pieces in order, but even better when they are in order and you have your very own set. That is where House Of Chess comes in.

At House of Chess, you will find a generous offering of chess sets and collectibles to get you confident about your next game. If you are looking for any purchase items that are chess related - you have found a gem to save you from missing pieces.

Keep an eye out on their social media pages for their Chess Evenings from time to time.

Situated comfortably on Malibongwe Drive in Randburg for you to pay a visit or simply use the convenience of their delivery service.

Chess Johannesburg

House Of Chess

Sandton City Chess Club - Time To Learn 

Every parent is definitely going to love the Sandton City Chess Club, they focus on helping the little one learn, pick up the skill, perfect it and start playing.

Your child will be playing in tournaments in no time. They offer after school services, so you can speak to them to set up a time for appointment. You can either choose to put the young ones in a class or have individual attention with the private classes.

They also teach special needs (this including maths), and with the Sandton City Chess Club - every child is teachable. They also cater to kids aged 6 and upwards. You can start your little one early.

Time To Make Your Move

Chess is an ever growing platform in the country that is worth exploring and you just received the first step in the right direction to make your move.

It's chess time!


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