Checking Out The Sandton City App

These days it’s hard to get lost. From finding a McDonald’s in a town you’ve never been to or navigating your way around a holiday destination, technology has been a beacon of light in a somewhat dark world. Sandton City has jumped onto the app band waggon and created a nifty little thing that will assist you in cruising their mall smoothly. 

Checking Out The Sandton City App

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One of the most popular shopping destinations in the world is Sandton City. With almost 300 stores, it’s a big piece of business and easy to get lost in if you don’t know it all that well. Fret not, Sandton City has put together a nifty app that acts as a map and general info point for visitors and vendors alike. Here’s the lowdown. 

Sandton City is home to some of the biggest retail brands in the world. Imagine a place where the likes of Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Carrol Boyes and Apple showcase their very best ranges, a place where you can sip on the world’s finest coffee or enjoy a French croissant or a slice of local milk tart – all under one roof.

We randomly found the Sandton City app (available on both iTunes and Play Store) and figured it’d be a cool thing to write about – seeing as there are so many tourists flocking to Sandton City to do some shopping.

The app has a basic layout and can be navigated without owning a degree in cartology (the study of map and chart drawing, as it is). Though the app is a bit slow and takes some time to load, it’s a great companion for any first-time or irregular visitors to Sandton City.

You can see what shops there are, the contact details of each store and even view the specials on offer from the different vendors.

The Sandton City app was developed by a company called Cloudworks, which specialises in creating applications for businesses, location-based services, indoor navigation, QR bulk marketing, augmented reality, market surveys and auctioneering.

We put together a quick video of what the app looks and functions like. Check it out. Watch in 1080P if possible.

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