Charity Initiatives to Support this Winter


Give back this winter by getting involved in a few of these awesome charity initiatives. Whether you simply want to attend an event in honour of a charity or volunteer your time, there are tons of opportunities to make a difference. 

The winter season is a challenging time for the less fortunate. If you have the means, give back this winter. Helping someone in need is immensely rewarding and a great way to embrace the spirit of ubuntu. There are a multitude of ways you can contribute to charity initiatives. Whether it be by attending a music festival or event, or donating your unwanted goods, the options are endless. You could also volunteer your time or skills to aid a good cause. Every small act of kindness goes a long way towards making a real difference. Here are just a few of charity events and initiatives you can get behind this winter.

WinterHope – Give Hope, Give Warmth

WinterHope is a national initiative dedicated to providing essentials to vulnerable communities. Partnering with organisations including PEN, MES, His Hands, and Towers of Hope, we strive to unite communities to bring warmth and hope to those in need.

Join them to make a difference this winter by becoming involved by collecting food, blankets, beanies, and warm clothes. Also, monetary contributions can make a big difference and empower front-facing organisations to bring hope to communities.

Click here for more information as to how you can assist WinterHope this year.

Faith & Hope Foundation

Assist and support the Faith & Hope Foundation by donating clothes, blankets and perishable food for the community to sustain them during the chilly winter months. the Faith & Hope Foundation aids the youth, children and community at large, by providing necessities, including sanitary products, food, clothing, warmth, and such.

Click here to take a look at how you can assist them and the community this winter.

Winter Animal Causes To Support this Winter

It’s more than people that need assistance and warmth this winter. animals also need food, blankets and generous cash donations to ensure that they’re taken care of and warm during the chilly months. If this is something that you’re passionate about, then take a look at our list of ways to help you local animal shelters this winter. They need assistance in sponsored sterilisations, food, blankets, and more.

Click here to see our list.

67Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day

The 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day initiative is back and bigger than ever this winter. The goal is to bring cheer and warmth to those in need this winter. Make your contribution to the cause by donating your own knitted projects.

So get out those knitting needles and criochet hooks, and get started on your contribution today.

You can get in contact with the organisers via email at

The Johannesburg Children’s Home

Have you recently done a spring clean through your wardrobe and have a bunch of clothes that you need to get rid of? If yes, then why not consider giving your preloved clothing to The Johannesburg Children’s Home to contribute to their thrift store? This charity helps orphaned and vulnerable children by taking care of all their growth and development needs.

They accept any kind of second had clothes to stock their thrift store to accumulate funds for their needs: kids, ladies or men clothing, shoes, accessories, bedding, etc.

Visit their website to find out more about their cause and what they need assistance with.

Looking For More Causes?

For more causes and volunteering opportunities in the city, be sure to visit They have a whole bunch of initiative across the country looking for kindhearted and giving people like you to help them make a difference in people’s lives this winter.

Click here to see their Winter Warmer Initiatives for 2024.

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