Challenge Your Fitness With GETFIT

We all know how irritating going to the gym can be – there are queues, they're overcrowded and there's loads of clutter everywhere! Definitely not something that screams ‘MOTIVATION’, does it? So, if you are looking for a better option compared to the alternative, then why not check out GETFIT Jozi!

GETFIT Jozi offers fitness lovers a great space and loads of equipment to train without having to tediously wait around for a turn to work out. With everything from steps, bosus and boxing bags to TRX cables and skipping ropes, there is plenty for you to do to get yourself trimmed and toned! Be sure to join the challenge!


With GETFIT, not only will you lose weight, but you will also improve your fitness levels, get toned and gain muscle strength. You can expect workout routines with a combination of strength and cardio training exercises that will help you loss that pesky winter weight. They host 12-week challenges that will test your strength and keep you motivated with high levels of enthusiasm! To find out more about their challenge, visit their website.

Click here to find out how to win a full EMSTT Intro Session Contract, which includes a Training Kit valued at R2 000!

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