Celebrating World Whisky Day With The Iconic Striding Man

Let’s keep walking shall we? As we approached World Whisky Day which took place on the 18th May 2019, Johnnie Walker, the World’s Number 1 Whisky prepared all those who went, so that they could know precisely what they’re talking about when it comes to the drink at hand –  that being whisky of course. 

Walk The Walk, And Talk The Talk..

Not only will these facts make for impressive dinner conversation, but you will also amaze your work colleagues and every connoisseur with your new found knowledge. People normally address it as “The Wall Street Wine“, whisky has for many decades been perceived as the liquid just as much, in many different serves and drinking occasions. The question to answer here is do you know as much about this category as you think you do? Well, this is a great way to find out.

Johnnie Walker

It’s Not Just A Man’s Drink

Johnnie Walker is not just a man’s drink, it’s an everybody, everyday, any occasion whisky. At Johnnie Walker, how you drink your whisky is your personal preference, there are no mandatories. Brand ambassador for Diego, Reginald Mthembu, gave us the tea on how to enjoy your drink. He says to make your drink more interesting and fitting to your taste buds you should play with a cube of ice in your mouth before taking the first sip, then adding a block or two only into the glass with whisky and have a second sip. And if you feel like the whisky is still too bold, add a few drops of water then have a third sip. As a new entrant to whisky or if you are not much of a whisky drinker, you need to add ice and a mixer to your single or double tot and have that as your fourth sip. Between the four sips, one will resonate and then you crescendo from there. Consume it how you like or want, people have just started experimenting with whisky and its even delicious in cocktails.

Johnnie Walker

When Was It?

Saturday, 18 May 2019 at 15:00 – 17:00.

Where Was It?

Epicure Restaurant, 3 Lower Road, Morningside, Sandton, Johannesburg.

For More Information

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