Entertainment In Parkhurst

From an exciting cinema experience to plenty of art galleries and more, Parkhurst is just the place if you're looking to enjoy something unique and out of the ordinary. There's sure to be something for all ages, all you have to do is pop in for a visit and explore this suburb for your self.

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Recreational Activities
Art Galleries


Egrek Cinema

In the mood for a movie but don't want to visit one of the overcrowded cinemas in the city? Then why not enjoy a unique movie viewing experience at the brand-new Egrek Cinema? Located on 4th Avenue in Parkhurst, Egrek is an independent 30-seat cinema offering high quality projection, surround sound and comfortable seats, perfect for screening the latest movies. This is an interesting and a beautiful cinema experience you don't want to miss. Visit Egrek Cinema's website to see what's currently showing on their big screen.

Visit Egrek Cinema.


Verity Park

Whether you're looking to enjoy some fresh air, walk the dogs, or get in some exercise after a long day at the office, guests and residents can visit Verity Park on 6th Avenue. This is a little green space where you can just escape the rush of everyday life and reconnect with nature for a little bit. Other than being a lovely outdoor area to take the dogs, get active and socialise with family and friends, it also offers a playground equipment to keep the kids entertained and some benches if you just want to relax and take in all the sights and sounds of the park.

Visit Verity Park.


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Recreational Activities

Parkhurst Recreation Centre

You'll find the Parkhurst Recreation Centre on 5th Avenue. Here, you'll also find the Parkhurst Clinic and the library, as well as a garden. And just across the street, you'll be able to walk the dogs and enjoy some fresh air at Verity Park, complete with a playground for the kids (which has a spinning wheel, swings and slide) and benches if you're keen on relaxing during your stroll. There are classes and lesson held at this centre from time to time, as well as support groups. Recreational activities include art and drama classes, ballet, bridge, senior exercises, samba lessons and even holiday programs for children.

Contact the Parkhurst Recreation Centre on 011 442 6717.

4th Avenue

If you have no idea where to start, be sure to make your way to 4th Avenue in Parkhurst and explore your way through the suburb from there! This bustling and ever-popular strip is filled with many shops, restaurants, antiques and more, ready for you to enjoy. It's just the place if you're looking to shop for something unique and exclusive, grab a bite to eat or a refreshing cocktail with your friends, or if you're in need of a night out on the town. There's sure to be something for all tastes on 4th Avenue.

Visit 4th Avenue Parkhurst.

image of 4th avenue in parkhurst

Image: 4th Avenue in Parkhurst by 4th Avenue Parkhurst.

Art Galleries

Guns & Rain Art Gallery

For contemporary fine art, visit the Guns & Rain Art Gallery on 12th Street. Here, visitors will get the opportunity to explore and admire exquisite works of art by emerging artists from seven African countries (namely South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Nigeria) with a focus on social and political issues. Artists include Bev Butkow, Thina Dube, Ann Gollifer, Ayobola Kekere-Ekun and Nicky Marais, just to name a few. Guns & Rain is committed to fair, mindful and ethical trade. Visits are by appointment only, but if you can’t visit in person, you can also view and order art online and have it delivered anywhere in the world.

Visit Guns & Rain Art Gallery.

The Art Room

The Art Room, corner 4th Avenue and 7th Street, is a vibrant venue that plays host to art exhibitions, performance art, auctions, poets, musicians and even wine tastings. The Art Room produces exhibitions throughout the year and also offer unframed artworks available from the Editions Box. So, if you're in need of some inspiration, or simply just want to appease your inner artist, feel free to visit the gallery and view and browse the exhibitions, or have a little chat about art.

Visit The Art Room.

The Henry George Gallery

Since 2014, the Henry George Gallery on 6th Street has been devoted to showcasing profound works of art from artists from all over the country, whose personal visual interpretations and approaches resonate authenticity and break new ground in art. This gallery seeks out emerging South African talent for collectors and those who are looking for some beautiful local art for their homes.

Visit the Henry George Gallery.

Schools In Parkhurst

Parkhurst offers parents a small selection of schools within the area, providing children with only the best education possible to ensure a great start to their future. And since Parkhurst is a little suburb, there are only a handful of schools ranging from pre-school and primary schools to extra mural classes that's sure to delight.

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Primary Schools
Extra Mural Classes


Greenpark Nursery

Begin your children's journey into education at Greenpark Nursery School. This school has been operating for over 50 years and is a full-fledged, custom-built education facility. Here, children are well prepared for the move from pre-school to primary school, giving them a solid foundation on which to grow into well adjusted individuals. And not only do the children learn here, but so do the parents! There's a parents course that helps support moms and dads through the challenging yet rewarding journey of parenthood.

Visit Greenpark Nursery.

Little House Montessori

Located on 18th Street in Parkhurst, the Little House Montessori is a small and dedicated Montessori pre-school that caters to children aged between 2 to 6 years old. Here, you're little ones will develop their essential skills while also having fun and learning the basics to get them ready for 'big school'. They thoroughly prepare children for formal schooling with their Grade 0 programme. This pre-school focuses on the individual needs of each child, and also offers education and fun learning on a wide range of interests and abilities found within their school group of children.

Visit Little House Montessori.

school classroom with a school bag on a desk

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Little Star Montessori

And just a few streets up from the Little House Montessori is the Little Star Montessori, located on 15th Street in Parkhurst. This school also caters for children aged between 2.5 to 6 years old and ensures your children get the best start into their schooling journey. Just like all of the Montessori schools throughout the country, this school focuses on each individual child, their own development, as well as their own personal interests and abilities. Here, children will learn at their own pace while engaging the building blocks of knowledge and education.

Visit Little Star Montessori.

Primary Schools

Virtual Schools South Africa

Looking for a home schooling solution? Then be sure to visit Virtual Schools South Africa. This facility offers parents and their children a refreshing new way to learn and build their knowledge in the digital age. Virtual Schools have put together a variety of blended learning solutions ideal for learners from grades R – 12. All of their educational solutions are fully compliant with the South African curriculum standards. Their schooling solutions are all flexible, affordable and of the highest quality.

Visit Virtual Schools South Africa.


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Parkhurst Primary

You can find Parkhurst Primary School on 15 Street. This school caters to children in the grades R through to 7. Other than providing your child with a strong educational foundation that'll see them through to high school, there are also a variety of extra mural activities to ensure they receive a holistic education that ranges from academics to sports and culture. Extra mural activities include mini cricket, netball, soccer, archery, speech and drama, dance, chess and athletics.

Visit Parkhurst Primary School.

Extra Mural Classes

Guppies & Goggles Swim School

Looking to teach your children how to swim? Then why not let Guppies & Goggles help! Here, they will teach your children how to take to the water confidently in an outdoor heated pool. They cater to children of all ages. Also, with water being a sensory environment, the instructor/teacher incorporates sensory activities into the swimming classes to help develop the swimmer's skills in the pool. They work at each individual child’s pace and slowly build their confidence to swim.

Visit Guppies & Goggles. 

kids swimming

The Russian School of Ballet SA

The Russian School of Ballet SA aims to inspire each of their students to reach their ballet dreams. This school teaches and passes their knowledge, expertise and the Vaganova ballet technique to each of their dancers, ensuring each learner receives thorough training in Russian ballet and dance. Their equipped, top-quality studios, complete with a wall of mirrors, spring floors with Harlequin Studio mats, offers the perfect environment for aspiring dancers to learn the Vaganova Ballet Method.

Visit The Russian School of Ballet SA.

Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre

Are your children interesting in learning martial arts? Then be sure to visit the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre in Parkhurst. They have been teaching traditional styles of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Gung since 1986 at their various centres throughout the country. You can find their Parkhurst centre on 10th Street. Here, you can find beginners Kung Fu and Kung Fu kids classes. You can also join in on the fun if you'd like like to join in on the fun. Not only is this a great workout for all, but is also the perfect class for defense purposes.

Visit the Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre. 


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Schools in Braamfontein

When the South African School of Mining was transferred from Kimberley to Braamfontein in 1896, it became one of Johannesburg's biggest towns. Today, it is a well sought-after school district and is home to a number of universities and colleges. Take a peek at our list of the top schools and universities in the area to find the right one for your child.

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High Schools
Tertiary Institutions

High Schools

Rand Girls High School

Rand Girls High School is a public high school for girls situated in Braamfontein. Formerly known as Helpmekaar Meisies, the school became a multicultural, English medium high school in the late 1990s. Rand Girls High School is known for its impeccable standard of neatness and well-mannered behaviour in all its pupils. The school also upholds a high level of academic and sporting achievement.

Visit Rand Girls High School.

National School of the Arts

The National of the Arts is the recognised and preferred leading school for the Arts in South Africa. The school specialises in fine art, dance, music (classical and contemporary), and drama. The school also maintains a high academic standard, with an average 99.7% matric pass rate. Many of the school's students go on to carve out successful careers in the arts. If your child has an aptitude for dance, music, art or drama, this is the school for them.

Visit the National School of the Arts.

schools in Braamfontein

Helpmekaar Kollege

Helpmekaar Kollege is an Afrikaans private high school in Braamfontein. The school was the first Afrikaans language high school in Johannesburg. Established in 1921, it has a long history of academic, sporting and cultural excellence. Helpmekaar Kollege offers a wide variety of schools subjects, including specialist subjects in Advanced Physics, Engineering Graphic and Design, Music and Visual Art. There are also a number of after school activities and clubs for students to participate in. The school is well known for its achievements in netball and rugby.

Visit Helpmekaar Kollege.

Schools in Braamfontein.

The University of the Witwatersrand.

Tertiary Institutions

WITS University

The University of the Witwatersrand was given university status in 1922. Since then, it has become one of South Africa's top universities, at the forefront of groundbreaking research across a number of disciplines. WITS has five faculties encompassing the Sciences, Commerce, Law, Management, Engineering, Health Sciences and Humanities, with 33 schools offering over 3000 courses. The university is divided into three campuses, Main campus, WITS School of Education campus and WITS Health Sciences campus. Each campus boasts a unique atmosphere and range of student activities.

Visit WITS University.

Rosebank College

Rosebank College is a private tertiary institution, specialising in practical diplomas and higher certificates for students interested in growing their career right from the get go. As such, the campus offers career coaching sessions, graduate placements and advice on various jobs and employment opportunities in the market to all of its students. Rosebank College has three faculties, namely Commerce, Information and Communications Technology and Humanities and Social Sciences. Study with Rosebank College via distance learning, full-time or on a part-time basis. 

Visit Rosebank College.

Boston City Campus

Boston City Campus is the leading private institute of higher education for degrees, diplomas and certificates in media-related subjects, law and accounting. The Braamfontein campus is situated nearby many of the area's best student bars, restaurants and art galleries. Students can choose to study at work, home or at any one of Boston's 45 support centres nationwide. This flexible learning schedule is ideal for students who are working and studying at the same time. Boston City Campus also offers a number of student support services, including free online career assessment and a free financial independence short course for registered students.

Visit Boston City Campus.


In 2014, CityVarsity Johannesburg relocated from its Newtown campus to its current home in Braamfontein. Situated within the Braamfontein Management District, CityVarsity offers students access to a range of retail and entertainment hubs in the area, including the popular Grove Mall precinct, Joburg Theatre and the Neighbourgoods Market. CityVarsity approaches learning from a practical and creative standpoint. If you are the type of student to think beyond the box, this is the college for you.

Visit CityVarsity.

Entertainment In Randburg

It's time to have a little fun in the suburb of Randburg! Question is: what do you feel like doing today? You can head to one of the malls in the area and see one of the latest movies on circuit. Or you can spend some time in the sun and fresh air competing for the best par with Adventure Golf. Or how about taking a stroll through Delta Park? The options are endless.

What Are Your Looking For?

Recreational Activities


Cresta Shopping Centre

Looking to catch one of the latest blockbusters on the big screen? Then be sure to make your way to Ster-Kinekor Cresta Shopping Centre for a fun day out at the movies. There's sure to be a film that'll catch your eye, whether you're looking for an animation for the kids, something romantic for you and your sweetheart to watch together, some adrenaline-packed action or a story that'll have you reaching for a tissue (or two). To see what's on at the movies at Cresta, click here to visit the Ster-Kinekor website. You can either book your tickets online, or purchase them at the cinema. Don't forget to grab the popcorn and slushie!

Visit Cresta Shopping Centre.

Northgate Shopping Centre

For the ultimate experience in movie viewing, visit the Century Cinemax at Northgate Shopping Centre in Northriding. This is the very first shopping centre in South Africa to feature the amazing movie-screening technology from Century Cinemax. You can expect top-notch cinemas reaching international standards, boasting impressive state-of-the-art surround sound and clear picture. Each screen is unique and offers a different experience for maximum family entertainment and comfort.

Visit Northgate Shopping Centre.



Delta Park

One of the city's biggest green lungs and a Sunday stroller's paradise, Delta Park in Victory Park offers visitors wide open spaces and plenty of lush to help them reconnect and enjoy nature. There's 104-hectares of grassland and woodland to explore. Be sure to wear comfy clothing and shoes, as you can stroll these grounds for hours! This is also a wonderful spot to take your four-legged companions, as there's plenty of space for them to run around, stretch their legs and even meet a few new fur friends. Many of the park's visitors enjoy the many walking trails, which link three beautiful tree-lined dams. Don't forget to pack a lovely picnic basket, find the perfect spot and enjoy the ambiance.

Visit Delta Park.

Golden Harvest Park

Near the Northgate Shopping Centre and Ticketpro Dome in Northriding, is a pristine 55-hectare park, offering visitors rolling walks around a dam and indigenous bushveld to admire and enjoy. This beautiful park is a hidden gem that not many Joburgers are aware of. The Golden Harvest Park is completely fenced off with a guard at the gate to ensure the park's visitors' safety while the explore and experience this stunning little piece of nature. Also, keep in mind that there's an entrance fee that needs to be paid in order to get into this park, but the minimal fee is well worth it.

Visit Golden Harvest Park. 

The Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

One of the most popular parks within Randburg, the 81-hectare Johannesburg Botanical Gardens form one of the city’s vital green lungs. Visitors can expect large, grassy, open spaces scattered with trees, offering the perfect location for runners, picnickers and dog walkers. It hosts the occasional concert season and kite-flying competitions, as well as the ever-popular Linden Market four times a year. Visitors can also spend the afternoon taking a leisurely stroll through the park's special gardens – the Shakespeare Garden, the Rose Garden, the Herb Garden, a Hedge Demonstration Garden and the main arboretum. The park is fenced and there are gates located at all the entrances which are staffed by security guards.

Visit The Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.

Recreational Activities

Adventure Golf

Within the Ferndale on Republic Mall premises lies a well-known putt-putt course that everyone who resides in Randburg knows of, as it has been in its exact location for MANY years. Gather the family and enjoy a little bit of competitive fun at the Adventure Golf course. There are three different courses to choose from, each with nine holes, ranging in difficulty, offering guests of all ages hours of entertainment. Along the way, enjoy the many various natural features, caves, Koi ponds and water fixtures. And after an exciting game, why not grab a drink from the onsite bar?

Visit Adventure Golf.

Northgate Ice Rink

When was the last time you went ice skating? Or have you never been ice skating before? Well, it's time to make your way to Northgate Shopping Centre, pull on some skates and take to the ice at the Northgate Ice Rink. This is the perfect spot if you're looking to plan a kids birthday party or just want to do something fun with family and friends. There are two sessions that run throughout the day and there's the option of skate hire if you do not own your own ice skates. And if you're feeling thirsty or a tad peckish, there is also a tuckshop on site.

Visit the Northgate Ice Rink.

Randburg Raceway Indoor Karting Track

Put the pedal to the metal and enjoy some go-kart racing action at the Randburg Raceway Indoor Karting Track in Strijdompark. They cater to drivers aged between 7 to 70 and offer three different kart sizes, ensuring that everyone can join in on the speedy fun! There are also various race styles available, including quick 10-minute races, Grand Prix style events and endurance races. Please note that bookings are essential. It's thrilling entertainment for the whole family.

Visit the Randburg Raceway Indoor Karting Track.

Honeydew Mazes

For unique outdoor entertainment for the whole family while getting some fresh air and sunshine, visit Honeydew Mazes and get lost in their a-maize-ing mazes! They offer a variety of mazes to explore, as well as Moonlight Mazes where you venture through the twists, turns and dead ends of the various mazes at night, in the dark. This is also an interesting entertainment option for birthday parties, school outings and team building events.

Visit Honeydew Mazes.

honeydew mazes

Image by Honeydew Mazes.


Randpark Golf Club

With two of the best manicured courses in the country, as well as separate a mashie course, Randpark Golf Club’s uniquely different to other golf courses. It is the ultimate urban golf destination on par with excellence. Also, be sure to check out their takeaway, golf events, special offers and more.

Visit Randpark Golf Club.

Randburg Harriers Running Club

Founded in 1982, the Randburg Harriers Running Club is a family-orientated running club offering a variety of amenities and facilities available to their members. This is just the club if you're looking to get into running as a sport. There's entertainment for all ages.

Visit Randburg Harriers Running Club.

Ballbreakers Cresta

Grab your friends and head to BallBreakers Cresta to play a few rounds of pool. This pool hall is just the place if you're looking to catch the latest sporting action, grab a few after work drinks with colleagues and friends, listen to a few good tunes from the jukebox or if you want to hon your pool skills and sink a few balls.

Visit Ballbreakers Cresta.

Entertainment in Bedfordview

Bedfordview is a hive of activity over weekends and even holidays as entertainment seekers flock in from surrounding suburbs. There's something thrilling and exciting to entertain all ages in the suburb of Bedfordview.

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Family-Friendly Fun
Bars & Clubs
Athletic Clubs & Sports Venues


Family-Friendly Fun

Bedford Centre

Bedfordview is first and foremost a family-orientated suburb. It's a great place for kiddies of all ages to hang out and have some fun. There are lots of activities for the whole family to get stuck into as well. Whether your brood is the movie going kind or prefer the outdoors, there should be something to keep you entertained. Bring the little ones along to Bedford Centre to spend the day bouncing at Jump Gravity, watching a movie at NuMetro cinemas or tucking into a gourmet milkshake at Chevy Lane.

Visit Bedford Centre.

Eastgate Shopping Centre

The piazza at Eastgate Shopping Centre is ideal for kid-friendly Friday night fun. The open air play area is the ideal spot for the little ones to run around while you enjoy a fabulous dinner at one of the mall's top restaurants. We love Mozambik for their Afro-Porto fusion cuisine and outdoor kiddies' play area. Eastgate Shopping Centre is also home to the only Ster-Kinekor IMAX Theatre on the East Rand. Bring the brood along for epic 3-D adventures and luxury cinema experiences.

Visit Eastgate Shopping Centre.

Bedfordview Night Market 

For a laidback Friday night with the family, visit the Bedfordview Night Market at Jeppe Quondam. This is the largest multicultural food and craft market in the city, perfect for the whole family. With live entertainment, fun activities and yummy eats, it's a definite must-visit for moms, dads and little ones. The market also hosts special events on select Sundays and public holidays. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to stay up to date with their upcoming events.

Visit Bedfordview Night Market.


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Bars & Clubs


Singletons, twenty-somethings and party animals often frequent Bedfordview over weekends. This is because there is a great selection of bars, pubs and clubs here. The entertainment scene is well worth getting in on, whether you're into the rave vibe or a more laid back atmosphere. Bailey's stands out as a hub for good food, affordable drinks and great live entertainment. Join them for their awesome live music events and karaoke sessions.

Visit Bailey's. 

Ivy Champagne Bar

If you're looking for a contemporary, chic party experience, get yourself in the door at the Ivy Champagne Bar. This rooftop cocktail bar is one of Bedfordview's most popular spots for sundowners and late night events. Overlooking the suburb below, you'll think you're right in the heart of the city.

Visit the Ivy Champagne Garden.

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Athletic Clubs & Sports Venues

Jeppe Quondam Sports & Social Club

Bedfordview is a sporting town through and through. This shows in its many athletic clubs, sports bars, gyms and training fields. Jeppe Quondam is where soccer fans meet rugby fanatics, tennis champs match up against squash masters and swim meets take on a whole other level of competitiveness. If you're a total sports maniac, check it out.

Visit Jeppe Quondam Sports & Social Club.

Bedfordview Country Club

Bedfordview Country Club offers a range of sporting activities for all ages. Come and make lifelong friends (or natural sporting enemies) here. You may also find your latest hobby or sporting challenge. All in all, this is the place to be for sports fans and athletes.

Visit the Bedfordview Country Club.


Innibos Digitaal

What Is It?

Innibos Laeveld Nasionale Kunstefees is a well-known and loved Afrikaans festival filled with top artists and actors alike. This winter, it's not possible for the big event to take place in Nelspruit, so they decided to go digital. Relive big concerts or enjoy new ones, a theatre piece or even the art exhibitions as the Innibos Laeveld Nasionale Kunstefees comes to you.

When Is It?

Friday, 26 June 2020 from 18:00.

Where Is It?

Online, be sure to visit the Innibos Digitaal Facebook Group for further details on this event.

How Much Is It?

Tickets range from R40 to R100, depending on the concert and production.

For More Information

For more information about the online event, visit the Innibos Website.

Event is subject to be cancelled at any given time, so please check to avoid disappointment.