Casual Dining

Treviso Italian Deli & Cafe

Treviso Italian Deli & Cafe is located in Valley Centre,... Read More

Craighall Park

Poppy’s is a Mediterranean restaurant on 7th Street,... Read More

Casalotti's Pizza Rapido

Casalotti’s Pizza Rapido is located at the corner of Clarence Avenue and... Read More

Craighall Park
Yung Chen

Yung Chen is located within Shepherd Market... Read More

Craighall Park
Delta Cafe

Delta Cafe is located by the Rand Epileptic Employment Association Foundation (REEAF)... Read More

Craighall Park
Warm & Glad

Warm & Glad is located at 357 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall... Read More

Craighall Park
The Leopard

The Leopard offers international food in a casual setting in... Read More

Melissa's - The Food Shop

Melissa’s Food Shop is located on 4th Avenue in... Read More

ABOUT: The Great Eastern Food Bar

The Great Eastern Food Bar is located on 9th Street in trendy... Read More

Thyme On Nicol

Thyme on Nicol is located in Pick n Pay itself, at the corner of William Nicol and... Read More

Espresso Caffe & Bistro

Espresso Caffe & Bistro is located on 4th Avenue in... Read More

Vovo Telo

Vovo Telo is a franchise restaurant. This branch is located on 4th Avenue in... Read More

Soul Souvlaki

Soul Souvlaki is open everyday, serving delicious fresh food that’s made to... Read More

Stella E Luna

Stella E Luna is located on 4th Avenue in... Read More

John Dory's

John Dory’s is a franchise restaurant and can be found throughout SA.... Read More

Eagle Falls Spur

Eagle Falls Spur is located at Fourways Crossing, situated in the Fourways... Read More

Cyber Curries

Cyber Curries is located in Waterford Shopping Centre, situated in... Read More

Dukes Burgers

Dukes Burgers has a burger for pretty much everyone – even the incredibly fussy and... Read More

The Foundry

The Foundry is located on 3rd Avenue in Parktown... Read More

Stanley Beer Yard

Stanley Beer Yard is a lively pub and eatery located on the trendy avenue of 44... Read More