Outdoor & Animal Outings

Game Farms Around Johannesburg

You’re never very far away from nature in Joburg. If you’ve been itching to... Read More

Explore Nature In And Around The City

Since we’re now allowed to visit game reserves for self-driving expeditions and go... Read More

Explore The Pioneer Museum

This Heritage Month, treat the family to an outing at the Pioneer Museum in Silverton.... Read More

Visit The Historic Art Farm For Fine Food, Wine An...

The Art Farm is a vintage setting where art, good food, music and shopping meet to create... Read More

Best Places to Adopt a Pet

We love animals, in every shape, size and colour. Whether they are cats, dogs, rabbits or... Read More

Protecting Your Furry Friends From The Joburg Wint...

Nothing beats a warm blanket, a bit of Netflix and your pet curled up on your lap. As... Read More

#Entertainment: Our Summer To-Do List

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Midrand 10kms picnic hike

Experience the great outdoors with the Midrand 10Kms picnic hike because going on a hike... Read More

Emmarentia Dam

Set in the heartland of Joburg, Emmarentia Park has two major attractions for visitors.... Read More

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend away with your loved ones, then head off to... Read More

Holiday Excitement At Joburg Zoo

Holidays spell out fun, adventures, long hours in the outdoors and the oh-so-glorious... Read More

Friendly Pets Farmyard

Friendly Pets Farmyard offers families and schools a fun-filled day out in tranquil... Read More

Joburg Zoo

Joburg Zoo is one of the most popular local tourist attractions, situated in the leafy... Read More

Dog Friendly Parks

Everyone knows the best parks in Joburg, but do you know of the ones that allow dogs? You... Read More


Moms and dads also sometime need a little time out from the little ones, and Bambanani is... Read More

Hedgehog Lane

Hedgehog Lane is a popular kids party venue and the winner of “Best Kids’ Outdoor... Read More

So Much To Do At Shepherd’s Fold Stables!

From horse riding and spa days to swimming and more, Shepherd’s Fold Stables provides... Read More

Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary

The Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary is located within Delta Park, in Johannesburg and is... Read More

Victory Park
Reptile Expo

Once again it is time for the biggest reptile expo in Africa. On the Saturday, 5th and... Read More

Johannesburg Planetarium

The planetarium hosts about 70 000 visitors per year who come to view numerous displays,... Read More