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Carlton Hair

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Carlton Hair is an international branch of hair salons with stores in South Africa. They are famed for their celebrity clients and are frequently used in the industry for fashion shoots.

Besides being a hair salon, Carlton Hair is also a training space for aspiring stylists and skin therapists; it is a service provider to the general public (through nationally located salons) and a distributor of various hair brands (Davines, Corioliss, Collexia and others).
The Johannesburg salons are as follows:
Bel Air Express 011 704 1361; Bryanston Express 011 706 3356; Cresta Express 011 476 8703; Eastgate Express 011 616 5711; Eastrand Galleria 011 823 3948; Hyde Park 011 325 4995; Lonehill Express 011 465 2019; Mandela Square 011 784 5850; Melrose Arch 011 684 1251; Sandton City 011 783 3309; The Zone 011 788 2914. To find out more about Carlton Hair click here.

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3 comments on “Carlton Hair”

  1. Disappointing experience at Carlton Hair, Rosebank, with Nikki Spagnoio. After having visited twice before, and having spent almost R6000 in a period of about two months, I went in for a full package treatment which included colour and or highlights, cut , blowdry as well a bondplex treatment. We discussed a full colour as well as highlights for the full package at the previous appointment as well as a haircut or hairstyle. Nikki was extremely negative about a full colour and highlights and insisted on doing roots only. As I had a Brazilian done at the last appointment, my hair had lightened quite bit, and a full colour was required in order for the hair to look evenly coloured. I also wanted a change of hairstyle, as I had just trimmed my hair previously and conveyed this to her, she insisted on a dry trim which doesn't work for me as I have a slight curl in my hair and went ahead with it, leaving
    me with an uneven trim and no change of style. I was disheartened at her negativity as a senior stylist and further discovered just how uneven both the colour and cut was when my friends and colleagues commented. I called her up the next day to say how unhappy I was and wanted it fixed,again, she brushed me off by saying I should give it a few washes. So I was sitting with really dark hair at the roots which I emphasized I did not want, and a much lighter colour on the rest of the hair.I came in twice thereafter but she still refused to do a full colour even though I paid for a full service package. I am happy to pay for what I want,but I want what I pay for. And Nikkis attitude as a senior stylist doesnt say much about Carlton Hair as an organization.

  2. I had the worst experience I've ever encountered at a hair salon! Mandela square carlton not sure what the stylist name was, all I know is she had such a bad attitude, she blowdryed my fringe first , she then saw I was sweating and said I see you sweating and I said yes because my hair is in my face. I've got thick hair and she did blowdry my hair properly I had waves in my hair and had to wash it because there was so much volume and it became bushy and sticky. The way she made me felt when I told her that hairdressers never blowdry the front of my hair first she had such a bad attitude as a customer I want to feel comfortable and if I don't like the service I will definitely voice my opinion as I'm paying. This stylist basically went on like she's doing me a favour. Highly pissed off and annoyed. #wastedmoney.

  3. recently had my hair done at the Cresta salon. I've been going there for years and have never had a problem with service. They have always had high standards and excellent talent. Have always been happy with my hair. However after returning after a year being in another country I went back to my usual stylist whose always done a great job. This time unfortunately was not the case. I sat with her telling her exactly what I would like done to my hair. As far as I knew we had an understanding after showing her a previous picture of work she did on my hair. Whilst sitting in the salon for 5 hours during this whole process which I found far too long then my usual visits I became quite worried when I was at the basin and my hair was bright yellow with some orange tones. She had to tone it twice and once complete and blow drying I was devastated at the result. Not only was my hair not the colour I wanted but I could tell that the ends were burnt and completely dead. I came in with healthy long hair which I spent a great deal of time getting it to that and I now have hair which is broken, brittle and falling out. As a hair stylist I would have expected her to know that whatever she planned to do to get my hair the way I wanted it that it needs to be in the best interest in the health of my hair. I will probably have to cut a great deal off now because of this. When confronting her about the concerns I had about my hair she became very defensive and wasnt the most willing to help fix it. She also told me that she did a colour correction on me and this is why my hair is like this and nothing can be done and I need to wait 2months. I never asked or was never told this prior to her doing my hair. I am greatly disappointed as I paid R2500 for this treatment to leave with damaged yellow hair. I do not expect this from a Salon group who I have always held in such high regard. I also don't expect this service from a Senior stylist.

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