I Can Only Imagine Opens In Joburg

Growing up in Greenville, Texas, Bart Millard suffers physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father, Arthur. When Arthur becomes terminally ill, he finds redemption by embracing his faith and rediscovering his love for his son. Based on a true story, I can Only Imagine tells the story behind one of the most iconic songs written in the last two decades.

The Story

Coming from a home with an abusive father, 10-year-old Bart Millard (Michael J. Finley) is dropped off at a Christian camp by his mother, where he meets Shannon. On his return from camp, Bart finds his mother has left and movers are removing her belongings, leading to a physical confrontation with his father, Arthur (Dennis Quaid). Viewers are in for an emotional roller coaster fueled by family feuds, personal struggle and brilliant accomplishments. Based on the incredible true-life story of the Christian rock band MercyMe’s lead singer Bart Millard. the movie follows the story that inspired the beloved, chart-topping song, I Can Only Imagine. The song was written in ten minutes by Bart but comes from a lifetime of hardship.

The Cast

  • J. Michael Finley as Bart Millard
  • Brody Rose as Young Bart
  • Dennis Quaid as Arthur Millard, Bart’s father
  • Cloris Leachman as Meemaw, Bart’s grandmother
  • Madeline Carroll as Shannon, Bart’s girlfriend
  • Taegen Burns as Young Shannon
  • Trace Adkins as Scott Brickell, MercyMe’s manager
  • Priscilla Shirer as Mrs. Fincher, Bart’s teacher
  • Nicole DuPort as Amy Grant
  • Jake B. Miller as Michael W. Smith
  • Mark Furze as Nathan

The Details

Run Time: 110 Minutes
Genre:Drama, Faith
Opening Date: Friday, 11 May 2018

More information

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