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Don't Miss The Hollard Daredevil Run Once-Off COVID-Edition

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Gents, grab your purple Speedos and join the fight against testicular cancer at the once-off COVID-edition national Hollard Daredevil Run 2021! Entries are officially open! Get ready for the streets of your hood to be painted purple on Friday, 15 October 2021, when thousands of brave men in purple Speedos run through the streets for a worthy cause.

What Is It?

The Hollard Daredevil Run is going countrywide this year! This once-off COVID-edition national event will see participants from all over the country, supporting a great cause from the comfort of their own neighbourhoods, either by running alone, with a friend, or in a small group of five runners max.

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer and is on the increase. According to global research, one in every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Early diagnosis of prostate cancer can mean a 95% chance of being cured.

The Hollard Daredevil Run is an opportunity to dare the men in our lives to be brave, to participate in a run with a difference to make a difference, to challenge stereotypes about male cancers, to start conversations about understanding prostate and testicular cancer and to learn how to lower cancer risk and how to catch it early,” says Heidi Brauer, Chief Marketing Officer at Hollard.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men aged between 15 – 39 and can affect men of all races. The survival rate of stage 1 testicular cancer can be as high as 100%, making early detection and prompt action vital.

We’re challenging South African men to confront male cancers head-on by showing that they’re not afraid to run in a Speedo, not afraid to talk about cancer and not afraid to get checked,” Brauer says.

This is part of our ongoing purpose of enabling a better future for more people. By ensuring that these cancers are caught early, we enable better futures not only for the men whose chances of survival are increased, but also their families and loved ones.

Interested runners can register online and will receive a couriered Daredevil pack which includes a branded purple Speedo, water bottle, purple mask, fundraising band, logistics for the day and important cancer awareness information.

So, whether you are from Bloemfontein or Bellville, Scottburgh or Soweto, Potch or Polokwane, man up and run cancer outta your hood!

It's A Fun Experience For You & Your Mates

Don't do it alone! Gather your mates and have a blast running for testicular cancer awareness. If there is one run you need to do, it's this one. There's something fun and exciting about running in public, almost bearing it all, stunning drivers in peak hour traffic, and getting away with it!

It's An Opportunity To Strut In A Speedo

When do you get the chance to strut your stuff in a purple Speedo? Chances are, you never have the opportunity to do so! So, why not grab this challenge by the... uh... 'horns' and wear that Speedo like your life depends on it! It's all in the name of spreading awareness and having fun.

Most Importantly, It's For A Great Cause

All proceeds from the Hollard Daredevil Run will be donated to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) and the Prostate Cancer Foundation to help fund cancer awareness programmes and testing across South Africa. Join the national run with a difference, that makes a difference.

When Is It?

Friday, 15 October 2021.

Where Is It?

Absolutely anywhere!

How Much Is It?

Entries cost R160 with all proceeds going to CANSA and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

Friends, family and neighbours can also sponsor runners and raise funds towards this important cause.

Follow Daredevil Run on Facebook for event updates and details and go to Webtickets to register. Entries close on 08 October 2021.

For More Information

For more information about the run, visit Hollard Daredevil Run.

Follow the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.


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