Call Upon Angels With Engelsrufer

Looking for a new piece of jewellery to complement your wardrobe? Or simply need a beautiful gift to give to someone special in your life? No matter what the reason, Engelsrufer will make the ideal gift. 

A Special Gift For Any Occasion

The ancient tradition of calling upon angels becomes a reality with Engelsrufer. Handcrafted with care and love, the beautiful pendant baskets enclosing a fragile and beautiful sound ball can be kept close in times of need, guiding us as we go about our daily lives and bringing us good luck.

The Engelsrufer range consists of sound balls in a variety of colours, each making a distinct sound to attract specific angels to be at your side. These mystical sound balls are kept in a pendant and can be further personalised with angel wings and other accessories. There are a number of different coloured sound balls, styled pendants and necklaces to choose from, to ensure your angel experience is as unique as you are.


Chains, pendants and accessories are available in either silver, gold or rose gold.

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18 thoughts on “Call Upon Angels With Engelsrufer

  1. I showed my husband Engelsrufer at the beginning of the year and asked him “one day when his ship comes in to please by me one of their pieces” 🙂
    Hopefully now I do not have to wait for his ship!
    I love receiving the Joburg weekly and to have a look at all the events for the week.

  2. Magical and ethereal just what the world needs – reminiscent of otherworldly creatures – little objects of desire to comfort and protect one.

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