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Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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We've all been there - it's nowhere near pay day and you have a friend's or family member's baby shower coming up. Rather than show up empty handed, read our helpful article on budget-friendly baby shower gifts ideas! You're welcome.  baby

The Essentials

No one ever seems to realise the cost of essentials for mom and baby. Help the parents-to-be out with a hamper of all the basics. You don't have to splurge here to put together a wonderful and thoughtful gift. A packet of nappies, some baby bum cream or powder and a cute bib - what more could mommy and baby ask for? Throw in some sweet treats for mom, too. A few packets of Jelly Tots, chocolate malts or nougat can go a long way when you are a tired, new parent. Add a personal note of congratulations and you are set.

Stop by Builders Warehouse to get yourself a cute hamper basket. We love this off white storage basket - mom can use it for baby's bathroom goodies or at the nappy station. Plus, at only *R45, it's a budget-friendly steal.


Hand-made with love

If you are the crafty type, make something of your own for mom and baby. We like the idea of a personalised trinket box. All you will need is a wooden sanded A5 box, some acrylic paint, decoupage paper, glue and lots of creativity. PNA has a great range of decoupage materials, including plain boxes and special appliques to add the finishing touches to your creation. Be sure to take a picture with mom at the baby shower, as this can be her first trinket to keep in this special memory box.

Decoupage not your cup of tea? Why not offer to bake the cake for the baby shower? Even if you aren't a master baker, mom and dad will be grateful for the extra help (and for saving them that precious cash). Alternatively, you could crochet or knit a baby blanket, jumper or booties. These are super special keepsakes that parents will treasure forever.

Plushy Cuddles

What's cuter than a newborn baby cuddling a soft teddy bear? Get the new baba their very own plushy to keep. Clicks teddies are super soft and sweet. They are also budget busting, usually coming in at under *R100 each. Or, you could spoil the little one with an adorable hooded towel from Mr Price Home. This 100% cotton towel will keep baby snug and warm after their first bath. Mr Price Home also has a lot of nursery decor items which won't blow your budget. From shaggy rugs, to cushions, blankets and toys, this is the perfect place to pick up a great baby shower gift.

A Helping Hand

Finally, when times are tough, a helping hand is your best bet at scoring brownie points. Offer to cook for the parents on their first few nights at home with baby. Or, let them go out on a date night once baby is a few months old. This way you get to be a helpful superhero and spend time bonding with the new bundle of joy. Make a cheeky gift card to give them at the baby shower. As new parents, they will surely understand your financial plight.

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Do you have any other great inexpensive baby shower ideas? Let us know about them!

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