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Brows - Wax, Tweeze or Thread?

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To wax, tweeze or thread? What's the best method for taming unruly eyebrows? We weigh up the pros and cons here. brows


Waxing your brows can seem like an incredibly daunting task. What if you take too much off, what if it hurts, what if...? But, there are a number of benefits to waxing those curly caterpillars. For one, the hair grows back at a slower rate and doesn't become bristly or dark. Secondly, you can easily shape your brows with wax. But, you must be careful to avoid ripping them right off. Waxing may also be painful, but it's over in an instant if you do it correctly.

If you don't trust yourself to get it right, then visit Naked Cherry. With branches in Fourways, Sandton, Bassonia, Parkhurst, Randpark Ridge, Bryanston and Woodmead, Naked Cherry is super accessible. These wax specialists are also well adept at dealing with sensitive areas of the body, including the brows. Their brow treatment costs only *R90 for both ladies and men, using low temperature aromatherapy-based hot wax. This wax is guaranteed not to pull at your skin, clinging only to those fuzzy stragglers. Book your appointment here.

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Tweezing is one of the most popular methods of taming those brows. We all have a pair of handy tweezers somewhere in our bathrooms, so get yours out and start plucking away. The trick to tweezing without causing yourself excessive pain is to go straight for the root of the hair. This way, you also slow down re-growth. Shaping your brows is also relatively simple. Thick brows are envied world over, so keep them full, but maintained. Follow the ridge of your brow bone to get a simple, clean shape.

You don't want to over pluck because this can lead to serious trouble, so rather aim to snatch up any outlying hairs and leave the rest to carry on as they are. However, if you would rather have a professional do it for you, then there is no better place to visit than Just Browzing. Recognising that your brows are probably one of the most important features of your face, Just Browzing will help you create the ideal shaped eyebrows to get that lifted look. They are very gentle and caring, so book an appointment ASAP.

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Finally, we have threading, both an ancient technique and one of the newly embraced methods of removing facial hair in South Africa. If you have never had your brows threaded before, expect a little pain but great rewards. Many liken the pain to having multiple hairs tweezed at once, but it's all together not that bad. Basically all it is, is a little pulling of the skin in opposite directions to allow for the thread to cut through the hair. This takes a lot of skill and practice, so rather find a reputable therapist to thread your brows than go DIY.

Sorbet offers brow threading and tinting at their various salons across Joburg. These trained beauty experts will have you looking fabulous in no time, so treat yourself to a little pampering next pay day.

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What is your preferred method of taming your brows? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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