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Breezeblock Presents YouTube Roulette!

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I always find myself falling into the black hole of internet videos, don't you? From extreme make-up tutorials, cats falling, people falling over carrying beer, puppies on bicycles, reaction videos the list in endless.

What Is It?

If you know just what I am talking about, then be sure to join in on this event. Its YouTube Roulette night at Breezeblock! Make sure your attention span is on point, so come join in and be part of this event. Come with your suggestions and see how long you can keep the audience happy with your random internet video memes.

The rules are:
• Sign up on arrival, they'll call your name when its your turn!
• Bring your Youtube search words, type them in and hit play.
• Maximum video length 3 minutes.
• You can bring as many video suggestions as you want.
• The crowd will dong you out if boredom strikes.

When Is It?

Friday, 25 May 2018 at 19:00 - 22:00.

Where Is It?

Breezeblock, 29 Chiswick Street, Brixton, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Entrance is free.

For More Information

Visit their Facebook page for more information.

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