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Sandton City Is Giving Areola Tattoos To Cancer Survivors This October

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October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this annual campaign strives to create a dialogue and encourage a nationwide drive around the debilitating disease. As a way to support and create awareness, Sandton City Shopping Centre has partnered with the Breast Health Foundation to provide areola tattoos to cancer survivors who cannot afford the final phase of breast reconstruction. To know more about this cause, here's what you should know.  

Breast Health Foundation

The Breast Health Foundation was established in April 2002 in partnership with several companies and organisations, to educate the public on breast cancer health, create awareness around breast cancer and empower women.

The non-profit organisation was formed to help educate women who have had breast cancer to spread the word of the importance of self-examination and medical examination. The Foundation aims to put to rest myths surrounding breast cancer and have an open dialogue where women feel free to share their survival stories. The Directors and members of the Breast Health Foundation have been chosen because of their expertise in the field of breast cancer.

What is different about the Breast Health Foundation is that experts in the field of breast cancer, from general practitioners to specialist level, are used to guide the use of funds.

Meet Louise Turner, Breast Health Foundation CEO

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Liberty Two Degrees together with Sandton City Shopping Centre has partnered with the Breast Health Foundation to provide areola tattoos to cancer survivors who cannot afford the final phase of breast reconstruction. Follow us on our educational journey as we create awareness around the severity of the disease and how it affects those around us. Join us in changing lives. Should you wish to donate, please call: 0860 283 343 or visit: https://www.payfast.co.za/donate/go/breasthealthnpc. #IconicSandton #52IconicWeeks Music Info: Cinematic Documentary by AShamaluevMusic.

Posted by Sandton City Shopping Centre on Thursday, October 3, 2019


What Are Areola Tattoos

Areola Micropigmentation is reconstruction that can help a breast cancer survivor feel more comfortable with her new breasts. Some women find they are content without having a nipple at all, while others choose a form of reconstruction that does not require surgery.

The construction is only completed after the reconstructed breast has had time to heal (usually requiring three to four months) and after any necessary radiation treatment. One factor in determining if a person is a good candidate for nipple reconstruction is the quality of the tissue of the breast.

Facts About Breast Cancer

  • Early detection of the condition can lead to effective treatment and a positive prognosis. About 90% of patients survive for many years after diagnosis when breast cancer is detected at the early stages.
  • Regular self-breast examination and regular mammograms are key to early detection.
  • Presenting yourself early for treatment may result in more effective treatment, leading to a reduction in pain and suffering and a significant decrease in the loss of life.

Keep an eye out on Sandton City Shopping Centre's and the Breast Health Foundation's social pages as they release a series of educational videos over the next few months, following the journey of breast cancer survivors along with our contribution in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Get Involved 

Join Sandton City Shopping Mall and the Breast Health Foundation in changing lives. If you wish to donate:

Contact: 0860 283 343Donate | Facebook | Breast Health Foundation 

With their slogan "We are here not for income, but for outcome", the foundation's mission is to rest myths surrounding breast cancer, provide support in respect of breast health, ensure individual access to information, provide access to appropriate healthcare resources, ongoing audit of operational effectiveness and offer emotional and informative support to breast cancer survivors.

Make a difference this #Pinktober and join this worldwide annual campaign and support breast cancer survivors by wearing pink or supporting breast cancer awareness organisations.

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