Bountiful Brunch At Sugacube Cafe

We went to Boksburg’s Sugacube Cafe for a delicious and wholesome bountiful brunch that left us wanting to go back again and again. This is why. 

Located in the heart of Bartlett, is a quaint little L-shaped shopping centre called Elridge Corner. Right in the corner of that L lies a delightful coffee shop and eatery. We have walked past this coffee shop again and again, always saying how we would like to try it one day. Well, one day we finally did.

The nuances of sky blue and crisp white accentuate a feeling of freshness. One feels brightened up and more alive simply being seated. A more relaxing spot for brunch would be hard to come by. One instantly wants to whet the palate with something refreshing and perhaps even healthy. That is until one sees the menu…

Sugacube Cafe serves up a wide selection of food and drink, from freshly prepared coffee to delicate sandwiches and everything in between. They also serve up ample choices of breads and pastries. One may be tempted to stock up on their varieties of scones, breads, croissants, cakes, biscuits and cupcakes instead of ordering a meal. This would be a mistake. Rather take the safe option and do both, trust us.

Baked Goods

For drinks, we tried the Lemon Not So Gourmet Milkshake and the filter coffee. At the first sip, the milkshake tasted just like a luscious lemon meringue pie. With each sip, the flavour got more and more lemon-infused. This certainly was refreshing and the ultimate choice for lemon lovers. We will admit that our hearts sank a little when it arrived with a straw. But to our delight, the straw, which looked and felt like plastic, was actually made out of cornstarch and is fully eco-friendly. The coffee was strong and good as any connoisseur would like, the perfect choice to accompany a late brunch after a night out.

For the main event we went with the Avo Wrap and the Sugacube Special Roll. What could be more brunch-esque than a wrap and a sandwich roll? The Avo Wrap was filled to the brim with avocado, halloumi and feta. The Sugacube Special on the other hand, was stuffed with chicken, bacon, blue cheese and rocket. Both were finished off with a side of chips in a yummy house-made spice. Yes, it was as scrumptious as it sounds. In fact, my tummy is grumbling for more.

Brunch is the perfect excuse to have dessert for breakfast, so we couldn’t very well leave without something to tantalize the sweet tooth. But what to choose between the fluffy pancakes filled with bar one sauce or the checkered waffles smothered in milky bar? We actually chose the Peppermint Crisp drenched waffle, but now we have a reason to go back again – not that we needed another one!

Next time, we’ll definitely be ordering the Toffee Apple milkshake and the Chicken Schnitzel, topped with bacon and cheese sauce. And we’ll finish this off with the Nutella Pancakes or maybe a cupcake… or a custard slice… or maybe a cookie…

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