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Book Store Cafes in Joburg

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Books and coffee go hand in hand. They are the perfect combination. Nothing beats reading a great book with a good cup of coffee in hand. So we found some of the best book shops in Joburg that serve up their very own java. 

Independent Book Stores

Skoobs Theatre of Books

This book shop is located at Montecasino in Fourways. They have a wide selection of books available in all genres. However, it's worth paying them a visit just for their selection of classic books. They have wonderful collector's editions of everything from the complete collections of Shakespeare to HP Lovecraft. They have a small cafe on one side where you can get a coffee and some baked goods. If this isn't enough, they also have a giant chessboard, so you can challenge a player while waiting for your cup of joe.

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Bridge Books

This book store, located on Commissioner Street, focuses on African literature, both new and second-hand. They stock books in all genres from poetry to children's books which focus on history, current affairs and autobiographies from an African perspective. This bookstore is proudly South African and make it their mission to share the wonderful South African stories. They also have an in-house coffee shop where you can get a killer cappuccino.

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Love Books

This independent book store in Melville is a small shop that has a vibrant array of books for both children and adults. This is not the store to visit when looking for a particular book, rather this is the place to spend hours browsing through the books on offer to find new authors. Just make sure to pop into the adjoining coffee shop to get that caffeine fix before embarking on your hunt.

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Exclusive Books

EB Social Kitchen and Bar 

There are many Exclusive Book branches that have their own coffee shops but none are quite like the one at Hyde Park Corner. The book and coffee shop (or rather restaurant) are intermingled to the point of being one shop rather than two separate shops sharing one space. For each genre, there is a section where the bookshelves act as room dividers, enclosing each coffee table which creates a library meets common-room feel. The best thing about this shop is that everyone has their nose glued to a book or a newspaper, sipping their coffee. Their menu is divided into chapters like a book, just be careful not to ruin a good book with their delectable cuisine.

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Exclusive Books, Rosebank

The coffee shop at this Exclusive Books branch is not a full functioning restaurant like Social Kitchen, but it still fills the spot. This coffee shop makes a fine cuppa java. They also make some delectable pastries like croissants and muffins. We'll let you in on a little secret, their Flat White coffee is a magical concoction of dreams. This is a great place to grab a coffee and baked delicacy while reading for hours.

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Exclusive Books, Sandton

This is another of the Exclusive Books branches that has teamed up with Seattle Coffee. What gives this branch their edge is their extensive range of books. They have ample choices in fiction, non-fiction, children's books and gift ware. They also have comfy seating scattered about the store, allowing you all the time and comfort you need to find that perfect book. No book shopping trip would be complete without the caffeine buzz to give you enough energy to read the whole book, so be sure to grab a cappuccino before leaving.

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