BMW Opens Up Shop In Newtown

A brand new BMW dealership has opened in Newtown, Johannesburg. Entrepreneur Stephen Nale who himself has over twenty years’ experience in the motor industry, made the building of this new dealership possible by forming a joint-venture partnership between the property arm of his business, Stephen Nale Properties Pty (Ltd), Atterbury and Old Mutual Properties.

Nale, who has brought his passion for BMW and his unique business vision to this project, started his career in the motor industry in 1985 and has extensive experience in various facets of management within dealerships. After various stints with other brands and dealerships, he returned to BMW in 2008 and purchased Joburg City Auto. Nale was actively involved in the running of the dealership which still enjoys the status of being the only 100% black owned BMW dealership in South Africa.

Nale believes that the Inner City has a distinctive competitive advantage because of its pivotal location at the centre of the city. It is a chief public transportation hub connecting all major means of transport such as rail and bus services running into the city centre. “It is people centred, accessible, and celebrates the cultural diversity of the land. It is ideal for residents, tourists, workers, and even the entrepreneurs and learners. This is something that has made investment property desirable in Newtown. This project has allowed us to create jobs for the community. We are happy to say that we had a hand in the economic upliftment to the Newtown precinct,” he says.

While looking for land to build the BMW dealership, Nale became interested in the current location, which belonged to Transnet at the time. Atterbury Property Developers happened to be developing the land adjacent to the current location and through a referral from Transnet, Nale was introduced to the Atterbury’s management team.

The dealership, which constitutes part of the Newtown precinct and green field area, had to be designed with the latest corporate identity as specified by BMW to ensure that the highest international standards were met.

In terms of the structural design, the architect used materials that blend into the urban design fabric, providing a sense of belonging with the broader Newtown development. Environmentally friendly trends where adopted throughout the development, such as water harvesting and the use of extensive glazing to reduce the reliance on artificial lightening.

Nale, who is owner and dealer principle, says that BMW is his true passion and first love. “I am excited to take on any challenges and learnings that may come as a result of the move. The journey has not been an easy one but with a team that is dedicated to ensuring that the vision is realised it has been a pleasant one,” says Nale.

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