Blubird Wholefood Market

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Blubird Wholefood Market

The best way to spend a lazy Sunday is at Blubird Wholefood Market where the food has no additives, preservatives or artificial colouring. Everything is natural and wholesome.


The market has a unique ‘united tastes of the nation’ experience where shoppers can taste fresh and natural produce from all corners of the world. Products include: Polish patisserie, Bulgarian yoghurt, Albenian Cheese, dairy and goatsmilk, English baker wood fired oven bread, chocolatier, Italian pestos and pastas and anti pasti, Indian curries and samoosas, roti rolls, sweetmeats, Fairtrade organic coffee and tea to name a few. Besides the food, there are also recycling initiatives with earthworms and education programmes as well as a selection of biodetergents.

To find out more about the Blubird Wholefood Market click here.

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