The Best Ways to Enjoy Winter

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter. Boredom can set in much quicker during sub-zero temperatures, but we’ve got you covered with some really cool winter activities to do. Have a look…


Movie Marathon

Now we have a valid excuse to take our blankets to the living room. Invite a few friends over, pop some popcorn and watch all seven Star Wars movies in one sitting… just remember the loo breaks! Alternatively, turn it into a drinking game. Take shots, you must.

Good Books

We are fortunate to live in a country that produces some of the best literature in the world. Why not order a book or three online, jump into bed with some hot cocoa and get cracking? A whole new world awaits you between unturned pages.

Giving Back

Unfortunately not everyone in the city can watch movies in a onesie or cuddle up in bed with a hot beverage. Why not contact your local charity or church and find out how you can warm up this winter for those less fortunate? If we all pitch in, this world will be a better place in no time.

Sunday Lunch

Go all out. We all love warm food during those extra cold days. Organise a family get-together and cook up a storm. Better yet, make it a pot luck where everyone brings a dish! Roast veg, pulled pork, mash potatoes… and don’t forget the gravy. For drinks, we recommend some super spicy and fragrant glühwein. Mmmmm.

Restaurants With Fire Places

Oh yes. Nothing gets rid of the cold quite like a lovely dinner at a restaurant with a big old fire place. Fancy a cheese burger and a toasty seat next to a cracking furnace? Add in some hot chocolate and you have a booming evening ahead of you. Check out our article on restaurants with fire places by clicking right here.

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By Shawn Greyling

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