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The Best Waffles In Town

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Did you know that 25 March is International Waffle Day? Celebrate your love for these syrupy marvels by visiting Joburg's top waffle spots, because believe it or not, there is so much more to the waffle game than Milky Lane. Be sure to tick these epic waffle eateries off your list.  waffles johannesburg


You may be surprised to find out that a restaurant offering burgers, ribs and craft beers in a style reminiscent of RocoMamas would offer waffles. Simple, they are not. Crispy dough accompanied by bold and rich flavours classes those waffles right up. Their Belgian-style waffles are available in a variety of flavours, including Plain, Nutella, Oreo, Bar One & Banana, Choc Mint & Bar One Sauce and Oreo & Bar One Sauce.

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Cut & Craft Bistro

How about an all day waffle breakfast? Cut & Craft Bistro in Kensington serves up their gourmet Belgian waffles from open until close, meaning that you can indulge at any time of the day. Throw in a Cut & Craft Freak-Shake for the ultimate indulgence. Our top pick from their menu would be the Chocolate Bomb - a classic Belgian waffle topped with chocolate brownies, chocolate sauce and Whispers on cream! You can also customise your meal with an assortment of extra toppings from the menu.

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Von Pickartz Belgian Waffles

From 27 Boxes to 1 Fox, Von Pickartz is the place to get your syrup traps on (that's what waffles are). The waffles are very affordable and made with real brioche dough. Brioche is rich and buttery but not too sweet, so it can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. Their menu offers Liege waffles with caramelised sugar that slides beautifully across those crispy golden squares. The russet-hued delights come in the Goldilocks sizes: petite, original and extra large, including a stuffed dough option. Unique toppings include Turkish delight, macadamia nougat and honeycomb, to name but a few. Served in a little box, you can choose to sit outside and watch the world go by as your worries slowly dissipate under a veil of heavenly crispness.

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Plan B

The beyond beautiful and tasty bubble waffles come in nine different flavours, with options like the Bees Knees with vanilla ice cream, chocolate honeycomb and caramel sauce; the Toffee Apple with double caramel ice cream, green apple chunks and candied nuts; and the Wimbledon with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, crushed meringue, cream and chocolate sauce.

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Little Belgium

Are savoury waffles your idea of a good meal? Then visit Little Belgium in Benoni. Their unique take on this classic breakfast staple is inspired - with a Thai vegetable curry topping, beef Tagliatta and a flaming chicken waffle burger! However, if your sweet tooth comes calling, Little Belgium has loads in store to satisfy those cravings, from classic plain waffles with vanilla ice cream to an intricate Waffle a la smores - dark chocolate, bruleed marshmallow and vanilla ice cream atop a perfectly crispy waffle, they have it all.

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Kota Joe Roadhouse

Kota Joe had us drooling when reading their menu. If you are looking for a delicious waffle on a stick, this is just the place for you. These golden morsels are available in various flavours, such as Smores and Biscuits, White Chocolate and Oreo and Cinnamon Sugar and Syrup. But our favourite is the Nutella Bar One and Banana Waffle. Served with a scoop of ice cream, this makes for a delicious treat. If you haven't tried it out yet, we highly recommend you give them a shot.

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That Spot On 4th

Did you know that waffles cure everything from hunger pangs to hangovers? That Spot on 4th in Parktown North firmly believes in the magic of the waffle - serving a breakfast bacon and banana option, sweet dessert waffles and even French toast waffle fingers! But, it's their savoury hangover cure feature that has us most intrigued - a gloriously fluffy waffle topped with Spanish chorizo, caramelised onion, mozzarella, roasted rosa tomatoes and a fried egg cooked to perfection.

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The Whippet Coffee

We end off this tour at the Whippet Coffee in Linden. A super popular brunch hangout, this boutique coffee shop and cafe recently introduced a new item to their menu - the waffle sandwich. A crisp hot cake served with salty bacon, creamy Camembert cheese, mixed berry compote and a soft fried egg. Never has there been a more perfectly balanced breakfast dessert in history! Sweet, savoury and tart - what more could you ask for?

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Have you been to any of these awesome waffle joints? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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  1. Have you tried Woodstock Waffles? They fill em up like a wrap.
    Check @WoodstockWaffles_ on IG.
    They are on Fourways Farmers Market and on Uber Eats

  2. Have you tried the brand new Alice In Wonderland Waffle Shoppe in Walkerville - South of Joburg - they have the best waffles and an amazing fairy trail - based at In The Forest Venue

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