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Best Vegetarian Pies in the City

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With winter fast approaching, we are all seeking some extra comfort on our plates. And what's more comforting than a delicious and warm filling stuffed in a crispy and buttery blanket? Yeah, we're pretty pie crazy so we found some of the most delectable, tasty, indulgent and scrumptious pies in the city. Oh, and they're vegetarian too. 

Olive You

This Greek gem, tucked away in Edenvale, makes some of the most delicious food in the east. They make pies, pastries, cheese, olives, olive oil and even supply authentic honey. Besides their olives (garlic stuffed green olives - YUM), the reason we keep coming back here is for their pies. They have three delicious vegetarian pies available in the form of spinach, halloumi and olive and feta. While their spinach pie is yummy and their halloumi pie is unique, we are suckers for the olive and feta. This pie is not nearly as salty as one would think, considering the ingredients. Instead, the feta provides a lovely creaminess and the olives have a meaty quality. These are entrenched in a buttery and flaky house-made puff pastry that is miles above any other pastry.

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We all love our local Woolies. And why wouldn't we? They have amazing pre-cooked meals and meals-on-the-go, as well as baked goods, snacks and frozen meals. They also have some of the most delightful pies. Most of us love their pepper steak and roast chicken offerings. But, the spinach and feta pie has got to be one of the most amazing pies. Yes, they are that great! The filling is packed with finely cut spinach and loaded with creamy cheese. Ok, I need to stop drooling now.

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Delhi Delicious

This eatery has several stores located all across Joburg. I first visited them at the Oriental Plaza and have been going back to Fordsburg whenever the craving strikes. Unfortunately, when I discovered them, Google had yet to become the magic that it is today, so I didn't realise that there's a branch at my local shopping mall. The pie in question is a spinach, cheese and corn pie available in regular and cocktail sized. As wonderful as the filling is, it's the pastry that makes these pies what they are. They use a hot water pastry recipe which uses less fat than regular pastry recipes, it's hard to believe that this crumbly goodness is lower in fat. Just remember, their cheese and onion samoosas are pretty epic too.

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Sasol Garage

I know, I know - you didn't expect a petrol station to make it onto this list. But you'll completely agree with this choice once you taste this mouth-watering pie. This is a mushroom and cheese pie. Now, I don't like mushrooms. They're too slimy and bitter for my liking. But the mushrooms in this pie are cooked perfectly. They come out perfectly juicy and the flavour... well, it almost tastes like bacon. I don't know how, or why, but it does. These bacony mushrooms are swimming in a thick cheese sauce. Now tell me this isn't a garage pie worth trying.

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George's Bakery

This bakery, situated in Boksburg, has become an overnight sensation. Residents of Boksburg have been flocking here to get their hands on all the sensational bread, cakes, tarts, biscuits and pies. Their spinach pie is rather large and stuffed with spinach galore. This is certainly one of the better spinach pies in Joburg, you can taste the freshness of the ingredients. If you're still in doubt, just know that George comes from a long family of bakers. Said family owns and runs none other than Croydon Bakery, who are renown for their pies.

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Fry's Family Food

While you can't get these pies warm and ready from the store, you can buy them frozen. Fry's has a big range of vegan and vegetarian frozen food. This range includes a selection of pies such as the Pepper Steak Style Pies, Mutton Style Pies and Country Mushroom Pies. Our favourite has to be the Sausage Rolls. These are soya and wheat sausage 'meat' rolled in puff pastry. Just put them in the oven for a bit and they're good to go. And let me add, they're so tasty that even meat eaters will love them. You can find Fry's at most big retailers.

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