The Best Vegan Pasta In The City

We all love the bowl of comfort that is pasta. So we went out to find some of the best bowls of this Italian fare in Joburg. And they’re vegan too. 

vegan pasta

Lupa Osteria

This Italian eatery has their own vegan menu which includes pizza, desserts and pasta. Their house made spaghetti is made without egg, making it perfectly vegan. You can dress this pasta with the Loula; tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic. Or you can choose to build your own pasta, selecting from a choice of ingredients such as caramelised onions, roasted peppers, olives, artichokes, mushrooms and aubergines, all rounded off with Napoli Sauce. We wouldn’t say no to Rosemary Focaccia, with roasted pepper and olive spaghetti in a tangy and sweet tomato sauce, finished off with Mixed Berry Sorbet.

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Doppio Zero

Doppio Zero has become the coffee shop of choice for vegans across Joburg. This is simply because of their wide range of vegan choices that are amazingly delicious. One such choice is the Vegano Fettuccine, luscious strands of fettuccine lightly tossed with mushrooms, baby marrows, red onion, coconut milk, garlic, chilli and spicy chimichurri. This is beautifully complemented with a Cappuccino Vero, an Italian styled cappuccino, perfectly rich and bitter after a warm and hearty meal.

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Col’cacchio is an Italian restaurant that has become a go-to for vegans craving Italian fare in recent years. This is because they offer delicious vegan salads, pizzas and pastas. They have two vegan pasta options on their menu, these are the Pomodoro, a simple basil and tomato pasta. But often, simple is best. The other vegan option is the sought-after Spaghetti and Vegballs, vegan ‘meatballs’ with the Pomodoro sauce and vegan Parmesan.

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The Fussy Vegan

This eatery is a hidden gem tucked away behind a fuel station in Blairgowrie. They have become the popular choice for their amazing freshly prepared food, pre-packed food and vegan snacks. We love going there just for a bottle of Almond Creamery and a loaded smores doughnut. But if you’re in the mood for something a little more filling and much more hearty, they make some of the best Mac and Cheese, wheat pasta in cashew cheese sauce with seitan bacon bits. And better yet, they serve this in a burrito. That’s right, a macaroni and cheese burrito. Can you think of anything more glutenous yet completely worth it? We can’t.

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Free Food

Free Food is a vegan restaurant and supplier based in Melrose. They offer two vegan pasta choices. These two options consist of the Free Ball Tomato Pasta, vermicelli and ‘meat balls’ in a tomato, onion and thyme sauce with kalamata olives and almonds loaded on fresh greens. There is also the Pesto Pasta, vermicelli with mushrooms, tomatoes and kalamata olives brought together with basil pesto, also with fresh greens and chopped almonds. We love the fresh and healthy take on pasta at this eatery.

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The Greenside Cafe

Greenside Cafe focuses on healthy, green eating. Green as in environmentally-friendly, not broccoli. This restaurant has the widest range of vegan pasta of all the places on this list. Their pasta choices include spaghetti, chewy tofu ribbons and gluten free. These pastas can be paired with Bolognaise, Vegan Pesto, Italian and Algerian sauces. No matter your choice, we recommend rounding off your meal with a slice of the Raw Maple Cheesecake.

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What is your favourite vegan pasta? Let us know in the comments section below!

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