The Best Vegan Beauty Luxuries

Being vegan means doing no intentional harm to any living creature. This includes yourself. We all know how important self-care and love is. And sometimes, that means spoiling yourself. This means treating yourself with luxurious items for your long bubble bath, delicately scented perfumes and everything else you need to feel beautiful and luxurious. With these, you can be decadently alluring from head to toe.

The Best Vegan Beauty Luxuries

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A while ago, a college was writing an article about perfume and asked all the girls what their suggestions were. Many of us responded with something along the lines of “well, my mother uses…“. Seems we inherit our beauty styles and beauty preferences from our moms. We watched them put on styled dresses, high heels, makeup and spray her wrists with perfume before heading out. This became our perception of what being a true lady is. Even now, we know that beauty and grace all starts with our mother’s favourite scent. But where do we get vegan versions of that perfume? Whether you’re in the market for fruity, woody, floral or spicy perfume, you’ll be sure to find it in the WBeauty range available at Woolworths.

Body Butter

Body butter is definitely a must have luxury item. We love Vegan Healing Soap’s Whipped Body butter made with avocados and Shea for an incandescence glow. It is available in various flavours like lemongrass, rose and our favourite – vanilla and coffee. You can find Vegan Healing Soap at various markets. Check out their Facebook page to find out the whens and wheres.

Body Butter


Ladies, we all love makeup. Whether you’re adding that extra touch to your look with a quick brush of mascara or are going all out with winged lids, popping lips and shimmered contours. But finding a good makeup brand can be quite difficult. Especially if you are looking for something vegan AND affordable. This is where The Body Shop comes in. They have a wide range of vegan products which includes everything from Fresh Nude Foundation to Shade Adjusting Drops. These and more are available at The Body Shop.

Hair Dye

Whether you are boldly going grey or just want a new colour, hair dye is one of those products that grants us chameloen powers. When turning vegan and cruelty free, hair dye is usually one of the first things that needs to go. Even with hundreds of hair dye brands on the market, there are little to no options that are cruelty-free. But then there was Love My Hair. Love My Hair is available in two options – chemical hair dye and herbal hair dye. The chemical hair perfect for feisty grey coverage, whereas the herbal dye is better used for those of us who change our hair with the seasons. Love My Hair can be purchased at their online store or from Faithful To Nature.

Hair Dye

Foot Balm

We have your hair, body, face and scent sorted. All that is left is your feet. Many suffer from painful, cracked heels and musty smells, to out it lightly. When the rest of your body is wrapped in deluxe beauty, your feet need to be, too. To get those heels in pristine condition, try Oh So Heavenly’s Heel and Foot Balm. This foot range also includes butter, scrub, soak, repair cream, shoe spray and overnight foot treatment. Oh So Heavenly is available exclusively from Clicks.

Foot Care

If essentials are more your thing, check out our Best Vegan Beauty Essentials article.

For more information about vegan and cruelty free products, visit Beauty Without Cruelty’s Humane Guide.

*Always read the labels first to make sure the products are vegan and certified by Beauty Without Cruelty*

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