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Best Places To Get A Tattoo To Keep It A Secret!

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If you really want to get a tattoo but don't want the whole world to know, here are some placement ideas to help you out! secret tattoo placement  

Between your fingers

There is an increase in people getting tattoos between their fingers. The placement is great because it's intimate and chances are, unless someone is forever staring at your hands and fingers, no one will even know. It's your little secret.

On the side of your foot

Unless you wear flip-flops or open shoes, the side of your foot is also great placement that most people won't guess to even see a tattoo. You can even have the tattoo move up your ankle depending on the design.

Tattoo in secret places

On your ribcage

Although the ribcage placement is a painful spot to get a tattoo, it just looks so cool! Even if you are the only one seeing it – unless you go the the beach and your costume doesn't cover it up – otherwise, awesome secret placement.

By your thigh/ hip

Probably one of the least painful placements to get a tattoo. So if you are choosing your placement according to pain level and not so much secrecy, it's definitely one to seriously consider. Anything away from bone equates to lesser pain.

Bicep Tattoo

By your inner bicep

Usually the inner bicep placement is jaw dropping on guys. But girls can definitely get it too and look just as awesome, if not more. Again, unless you walk around topless or with sleeveless tops, chances of anyone spotting your tattoo are slim.

Under your chest/ boobs

A few celebrities have made this placement really hot and attractive to get a tattoo on. If you're going for a geometric design or a quote, it's a great placement and of course the font and size will determine how secret it remains when wearing certain clothes.

On your lower back

Lower back tattoos are not as hot as they used to be, but they definitely had their glory days. Why not go retro and get yourself something cute and awesome tattooed on your lower back? Only disadvantage is you won't get to see it as easily or often.

On your inner forearm

Not so secret if you wear short-sleeved tops and move your arms around a lot. Depending on the size though, this placement is still quite secret and the best part is, you could look at it all day if you really wanted to.

Inner elbow

A rather peculiar placement but also refreshingly nifty. A lot of people usually get wishbones tattooed on their inner elbow. It's quite quirky and punny – one of those placements one can definitely consider "hippy", and we love hippies!

Inner wrists

Again, size matters! If you want to keep is secret, keep it small. Other than that, inner wrists tattoos were an article and picture away from being one-hit wonders, almost everyone was getting them then nothing. But they survived the stigma and make for a cool, fairly secretive placement.

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other cool secret tattoo placements we didn't mention? Let us know below!

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