Belle’s Patisserie Is Just The Place For All Your Cake And Indulgence Needs

As one of the team members once said, “Life is too short, so just eat whatever you want.” And when it comes to delicious and moreish baked goodness, we couldn’t agree more! Besides, one treat couldn’t hurt too much, right? So, if the sweet tooth flares up, why not head to Joburg’s go-to patisserie for all your cake and sweetness needs? And if you have no clue who we’re talking about, we mean Belle’s Patisserie. Yolo! 

For All Your Cake Needs – Belle’s Patisserie!

From their stunning specialty cakes that delight the senses to dainty mouthwatering cupcakes and everything in between, Belle’s Patisserie offers the most amazing (and delicious) creations with a French flair. Since opening in 2010, they’ve become one of Joburg’s favourite and well-loved patisseries. Belle’s Patisserie prides themselves on their delicious and show-stopping cakes and moreish goodies, as well as their strong customer service.

Visit Belle’s Patisserie For A Sweet Treat

We all love a little bit of sweetness from time to time, so visit Belle’s Patisserie for a little indulgence. Whether you’d like to enjoy a quick coffee and a slice of cake at one of their stores, or need something special to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, they’ll ensure it’s a sweet affair. Also, if you’re looking to do a little entertaining at home or are planning a big bash at a venue, simply sit back, relax, and Belle’s will look after everything else. They offer amazing catering services, perfect to satisfy your sweet and savoury tooth.

belles patisserie

Contact Them Now For A Quote

If Belle’s Patisserie sounds like your cup of tea, then contact them now for a quote on or call 060 962 1715.

Also, don’t forget to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

You can find their stores in Blubird Shopping Centre, Sandton City and Clearwater Mall.

“C’est si bon!”

(“It’s so good!”)

belles patisserie

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