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Ever wonder how gorgeous superstars stay so young and beautiful looking? Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, the new Miss World, Agabani Darego and Caprice (to name but a few), are finally willing to share their secret with you. Well, they have no choice, considering that the German-developed Bode OXYjet and Nora Bode cosmetic formulations are now being made available to the local market by specialist salon suppliers, Peopleworks.

So what is it?

According to David Hall of Peopleworks, German naturopath Lothar Bode and his pharmacist wife, Jutta established a research institute in 1989 that collaborated with various professors and several universities to investigate immune mediators in the skin. This scientific endeavor led to the remarkable development of the Bode OXYjet, a radical skin rejuvenation system that takes modern cosmetic science to a new level. It is totally non-invasive, (no surgery or paralysing injections required) and combines leading technology with nature. In fact, what could be more natural then utilising the elixir of life – oxygen? Nature’s remedy to almost everything!

How does it work?

This revolutionary technique draws in the surrounding air and purifies it with a series of filters leaving pure oxygen which can be concentrated up to 98%. Using pulsed oxygen pressure, special Nora Bode cosmetic formations and pure oxygen are “injected” into the deep layers of the epidermis. No needles involved! The pressure injection gives new life to tired cells.

Using the Bode OXYjet oxygen pressure applicator, skin conditions ranging from anti-ageing to acne and cellulite may be treated by pressure injection of the Nora Bode micro agents formulated specifically for each particular condition.

Why is it so effective?

The epidermis is a particularly active part of the skin, especially its deepest cell layer, the stratum germinalivum with its basal lamina. This is where cell division and growth on the surface level take place. It is also where important immunological processes and skin colouring melanin processes occur. The deep layers of skin require a lot of energy to function so that their supply of nutrients (such as glucose, amino acids and fatty acids) can feed the skin. The key to utilising these nutrients is oxygen, without which the skin’s functioning becomes more and more compromised.

Young skin does not suffer from lack of energy, there’s plenty of oxygen and nutrients coursing through the blood vessels in the dermis. This keeps the skin healthy, elastic, vital and young looking. Older skin is different. The micro capillaries of the dermis have degenerated and are no longer able to supply sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the germinative layer of the epidermis. So cell division slows down, the skin thins, dries and wrinkles. Age spots appear and the melanin no longer achieves even distribution. Tone decreases while lines and pigmentation increase. It simply makes sense to use oxygen as a natural means of replenishing the skin.

Nora Bode also has treatments for skin seriously damaged by the sun, pigmentation, acne, cellulite and dry, eczematous, atrophic skin. OXYspray treatment used after microdermabrasion, aggressive peeling or cosmetic operations or in the case of acne and skin problems stimulates the immune system so that irritations, lesions and wounds heal at an accelerated pace. OXYaroma inhalation is an extremely calming therapy that allows oxygen to flow through the entire body improving cell energy everywhere.

In addition, Nora Bode also has a range of products that can be used to either complement or be used independently of the oxygen injection system treatments. These contain the same active ingredients that are used in the pressure injections and may be used to trigger further healing in the skin. For example, the anti-ageing products contain: hyaluron LMW (to guarantee immediate and lasting smoothness of the skin), phytohormones, cell growth stimulators and vitamins.

With the Nora Bode and Bode OXYjet therapy now available locally, expect South Africans to follow in the footsteps of our international peers in embracing this healthy and outrageously successful alternative approach to skin rejuvenation.

The Nora Bode and Bode OXYjet treatment is only available from leading beauty salons and spas.

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