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Bar Ber BlackSheep, Have You Any Wool?

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If you are looking for a barber, Bar Ber BlackSheep is a must-visit. Combining a bar and barber, this is the ultimate spot for your next haircut. 

Living in a fast paced city means we are always looking for a simpler, straightforward and convenient way to do things. A place that offers all this is Bar Ber BlackSheep.

Any Wool?

Bar Ber BlackSheep has no wool. But this barber, situated on the corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and Bolton Street in Parkwood, has combined the best of three worlds - hair care, delicious drinks and great entertainment.

Bar Ber BlackSheep is changing the game, bringing something fresh to the table with their adjoined bar.

Bar Ber BlackSheep

Why This Spot?

Apart from the adjoining bar, this barber is one of the coolest hair care spots in the city.

The interior offers an inviting look and feel with welcoming touches like the chequered tiles and warm colours bringing the space together.

Bar Ber BlackSheep

What's On Offer?

The Snips

The barber shop has a professional team who are the snip masters, giving Joburg fresh and modern haircuts.

They offer more than just haircuts. Bar Ber BlackSheep also offers wet and dry shaves as well as male grooming.

This is the perfect spot for gents, and ladies, to treat themselves to top class hair care.

The Drinks And Eats

Bar Ber BlackSheep also offers a variety of delicious delights, light meals and drinks.

The bar area is well stocked with some generous options for you to find your perfect drink, including some smokey beverages to pair with a fine cigar.

Bar Ber BlackSheep

The Entertainment

Once a month, this barber and bar hosts live unplugged performances, with up-and-coming artists and DJs.

With the versatile music and diverse artists, this spot is giving neighbouring Rosebank a run for their money.

Bar Ber BlackSheep

If you are looking for a vibrant spot for your next event, then Bar Ber BlackSheep is the perfect spot for you.

The After Shave

Pop in at this spot for your next cut and after shave drink.


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