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Bagmee - South Africa's Hottest Online Store

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Bagmee is a young and fresh South African online store, specialising in the sale of premium quality handbags from a range of brands, offering something accessible and appealing to the fashion forward women of South Africa. The company is committed to following handbag fashion trends, while remaining contemporary with a classic edge.


Bagmee's goal is to provide superior service in its speed of delivery and personalisation of orders, making shopping with them a pleasurable experience. They are also dedicated to delivering the best online experience from start to finish for every customer. Bagmee only sources, stocks, and sells handbags, from recognisable brand names and smaller, more affordable, unbranded handbags, to something unique from local designers. Stock is personally sourced, guaranteeing that all handbags supplied are authentic and of high quality.

Why You Need To Bag It Up?

First and foremost, Bagmee has a stylish range of bags to choose from so you will certainly find the bag that you are looking for - whatever the occasion, you will find something.

Their bags range from crochet, geometric, to some real good quality leather (those into backpacks like me, would really love their backpacks). They boast with designer bags by Sisley, Balthazaar, LYDC, Currie and many more. They have amazing bags for gifting ideas so do check out their stuff. Did I mention that they also have gift vouchers?


I think I have heard this from many women in my life - "Every lady needs at least one good handbag & Purse". I didn't believe this for a while but the truth in this is so accurate. Imagine having to go to a gala or black tie event and all you have is a backpack to match your lovely ball gown. Epic miss 🙈 so why not just spoil yourself to one of these beautiful bags.

By Kim Brown and Mary-Ann Nyandeni


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