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Need to de-tox and de-stress to begin the year? We think the Back 2 Health Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Rosebank is the best place to do it! Back 2 Health is South Africa’s only Ayurvedic Wellness Spa that specializes in stress alleviation and uses powerful secret herbal oil formulae and unique ayurvedic body treatment techniques to guarantee that you will be revitalized, rejuvenated and de-stressed beyond your expectations.

The Back 2 Health Recuperate & Rejuvenate Spa Package offers 2 hours of intense stress relief with secret herbal oils.
Usual price R850. SPECIAL R650!

Back 2 Health offers four basic treatments in a two-hour long program to achieve optimal de-stressing. These include a Himalayan Whole Body Herbal Oil Massage, Whole Body Herbal Steam Treatment, Herbal Oil De-stress of the Lower Back and Herbal Oil De-stress of the Nervous System. There are also a variety of packages available, as well as some incredible December Specials!

The Treatments

4 basic treatments are offered in a 2 hour long program to achieve optimal de-stressing.

Himalayan Whole Body Herbal Oil Massage

55 minutes of deep relaxation as the neurotonic herbs in the oils relaxes your entire nervous system. This preparatory treatment sets the stage for the other 3 treatments and is known to release physical, emotional and mental stresses. The massage techniques used by the therapists are unique in that they follow the natural energy movements in the body and produce a profound deep relaxation of the muscles and nervous system.

Whole Body Herbal Steam Treatment

Administered over 20 minutes, the penetrating herbal steam opens up the circulation and lymphatics to all tissues and produces an increased oxygenation as well as detoxification of the tissue. Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, the herbs used in generating the steam also further relaxes the muscles and nervous system.

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