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Baby Shower Gift Guide

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Know any expectant or new moms? Well we've come up with the ultimate baby shower gift guide. Spoil mom-to-be and new baby with everything they need for the tough and trying months to come.  Baby Shower Gift Guide

Spoil Baby


Babies need a rather large amount of nappies, which can be quite costly. New parents will appreciate getting as many of these as possible before the baby arrives. Get several packs, a large pack, packs for several age groups or even reusable nappies.


We can't deny that one of the best reasons for having a child is to dress them up in all the cute little shoes, skirts, tutus, hoodies and onesies. Have a blast turning baby into the next runway model and gift them with all the adorable and fabulous fashion they could ever possibly need. We love the onesies at Woolworths.

A Photo Album

Memories are important. Especially when baby is no longer a baby and he or she is 14 and throwing a tantrum because they can't go to that party with Chad and Kyle. One of the only things that will keep mom from pulling out her hair, or dad getting out the shot gun (we're kidding), are the adorable baby photos. Check out The Crazy Store and Photo Albums Online for some lovely options.

Gift Pack 

We simply love gifting kits. Fill a basket with a soft towel or blanket, a dummy, milk bottles, wet wipes, a small pack of nappies, nasal aspirator, a baby thermometer and a bottle or two of Oh So Heavenly baby care. Also, add in a cute pair of booties, because they're simply to adorable to pass up. Or, get a ready-made gift set at Little Lumps.


Babies need blankets to keep them warm and comfy. Why not get them their very own unique blankie? Santa Cause for Paws hand-makes soft knitted blankets in different patterns and colours. This gift can be something to keep for years to come. And one day, it can be passed on.

baby shower gift

Spoil Mom

Mom deserves some extra love, too. She spent the last nine months sharing her body with another, having a sore back, swollen feet and morning sickness. When baby is born, she'll need to be at constant beck and call - attending to a crying baby, while lacking sleep, all the while trying to lose the baby weight and stretch marks. She's earned a spoil or two.

Spa Voucher

Hubbies, parents and close friends can spoil the new mommy with a day off. Volunteer to baby sit for a couple of hours while mom gets a pedicure, massage or facial. This option is great because most spa vouchers last for a few months. This way, mom can keep it until she is ready to leave her new bundle of joy. Try any one of these great spas in Joburg.

Meal Kits

With baby fighting sleep, laundry piling up, the older kids demanding attention and dad back at work, mom doesn't have time to cook. So, help her out with a meal kit. You can purchase one at UCOOK or Checkers. Alternatively, you can make your own with a jar of pasta sauce, a packet of spaghetti and a loaf of artisanal bread.

Gift Pack

As a more affordable, timely option to a spa treatment, treat mom with an at-home care package. Simply get a basket and fill it with all her favourites. Include tissue oil, a scented candle, body butter and some bubble bath. Or pick up an Oh So Heavenly care package at Clicks. Remember to include a small chocolate for a well-deserved indulgence.

Spoil The Rest Of The Family

With mom and baby being spoiled, dad and kids may feel a tad left out or forgotten. Give them a little something to remind them that they are special too.


Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for. But we suggest getting him a pair of warm slippers, and maybe even a fluffy gown. Then he'll have no excuse when it's his turn to tend the baby in the middle of the night. Something else all dads appreciate is a nice pack of biltong.

Other Kids

It's important to give the older kids attention so they know the new baby is not replacing them. Gift them with small toys and trinkets such as a pack of playing cards, a Rubik's cube or some board games that will gift the whole family with hours of fun.


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