Nursery Essentials When You’re Expecting Your Newborn

If you are first time parents and don’t know what you’ll actually need versus what would be nice to have, don’t stress. We have compiled a list of baby nursery essentials to help you separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves.


Baby Crib

When you think of a baby’s nursery, one of the first things you think about is a baby crib. You might even go on to think, DIY baby crib versus store-bought? Needless to say, having a crib is one of the most essential things you will need – otherwise, where will the baby sleep?

Moses Basket

A Moses basket is convenient because it is not only limited to just being in the nursery. You can move around with it in the house and even while travelling, but keep in mind you will need a car seat for the baby during car rides. The basket is also handy if your baby is still in the early weeks and prefers cosy spaces.



The nightlight will be mostly for your peace of mind and vision because babies aren’t usually afraid of the dark. You will want to keep a dimmed light just to make sure your baby is fine during the night or whenever needed. Getting a nightlight with cool patterns on it might be something fun to consider for the baby.

Changing Station

Depending on what type of crib you get, you might be able to change your baby’s diapers in there. But really, who wants a diaper change where they sleep? Consider getting a separate changing station for your baby. You can have it complete with diaper drawers, baby wipes, a diaper disposal bin –  the works.


Speaking of baby wipes, your baby is going to need his or her own toiletries as well. Think baby lotion, nappy cream, baby wipes, cotton wool balls, cotton wool buds, baby oil, baby cologne, baby shampoo and so on.

Baby Bath

Baby bath

Babies need support while in the bath so do not forget to get a baby bath, and for extra caution a bath thermometer and digital thermometer to monitor the water and baby’s body temperature. Needless to say, you will also need towels just for the baby and perhaps some cuddle robes.

Comfy Chair

During feeding time your comfort is just as important as the baby’s comfort so invest in a comfy chair. This will come in handy especially during night-time feeds. You could even up the tempo and get yourself a rocking comfy chair. Babies love the back and forth motion.

Soft Toys

Babies might be all cute and cuddly but they too need something soft cute and cuddly to hold on to and play with. Get your baby some soft, baby-safe toys. It’s also great to start thinking of toys you can get that they can safely chew on when they start teething.


Warm-mist humidifiers are great for baby nurseries because they have no added chemicals that could harm the baby and they keep the air from drying out and potentially becoming a breeding ground for viruses or bacteria. Also look at ultrasonic humidifiers as these are the most recommended for babies.

Baby Clothes

Do not go crazy buying tons of baby clothes all in the same size because they will outgrow them faster than you can imagine. Also, much as you can splurge on your baby due to the excitement, you might want to go the budget-friendly route until the rapid growth slows down.

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other baby nursery essentials we didn’t mention? Let us know below!

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