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Bundle Your Joy In Style With These Baby Carrier Spots

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Find the perfect baby carrier to keep your bundle of joy closer. Check out the stores that have some of the best carries in Joburg...

Every mother knows that a baby carrier is one of the first things that one should consider when buying their baby stuff. However it can be quite easy to forget about it during the process of tons of administration that you have to handle during and after the pregnancy.

Dads Love Carriers...

Carriers and fathers have become the best of friends the past two years, dad's have become comfortable and wearing a "daddy carrier" with pride, it is somehow become a very stylish and trendy thing to do. Most pictures labelled 'cute' have been of dads and their babies in the carrier. Plus, I figure the dad's can agree with me when I say that they would much rather have a baby carrier than putting the baby on the back using a towel or blanket, because with a carrier - they can either choose to do it on the back or on the chest.

Why Is It So Life Changing?

Not only is it great because you get to be hands-free, it is absolutely amazing because it's very easy to use. Okay! I will be honest, some baby carriers look like the most complicated thing ever, almost like a mosquito net ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™ˆ but once you get the hang of it, it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Fashion Carriers

For the stylish mum and dad, carrier makers have become quite innovative in making sure that the bring fashion into the mix, making use of unique shapes, colours, patterns and tying techniques.

Now let's take a look at stores in Joburg where you can find this amazing life changing product... cuteness overload.

Baby Carriers Joburg

Noonoo Pie

Let's start off by acknowledging the cuteness of this name, Noonoo Pie. Sounds absolutely adorable, and best believe that their baby carriers are just as adorable.

They boast with high quality products, made from 95% of the best cotton and lycra for stretch. They also have what I would call delicate colours, their selection is beautiful. Noonoo Pie is originally from Durban however you can make purchase online.

Baby Carriers Joburg

Ubuntu Baba

Ubuntu Baba is the best baby carrier spot if you want to get bigger sizes too. They have really cool options and colours.

This cuteness overloaded place is situated in Cape Town, but does however have an online purchase option. Ubuntu baba also has doll carriers for the kids - it's like a mini version of the carrier for your "minnie me" ๐Ÿ˜Š. Too cute! Another cherry on top has to be the teething pads that you can sling onto the carriers to catch all the 'droolzies'.

Baby Carriers Joburg

Babies R Us

Babies R Us has been around for many years, and yep! they get better with time. So if you are looking for a spot where you can find anything from traditional baby carriers, stylish carriers as well as car seats, this is definitely the place you need to visit.

The design and colour options come in a wide variety allowing you more to choose from so check them out.

A little cherry on top for you -ย Maternity Wear Stores.

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