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Baby Bag Essentials

Baby Bag Essentials

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There’s nothing more annoying than leaving the house with your baby only to realise you forgot* your baby wipes at home. Now you're in the middle of a diaper change with no wipes – the horror! To help you out, we've compiled a list of baby bag essentials. *Tip: always keep the bag pre-packed to avoid forgetting anything.


This should be without a doubt the first thing you pack, because the last thing you want is a baby with a diaper full of poop. We particularly love pull-up nappies for travelling, especially when baby can sit and stand. They're also perfect for active babies, because you don’t have to fight with them to lay down while you change them – most of the time, that is...

Changing Pad

You definitely don't want to change your baby on any surface without ensuring it’s clean. And even if it is clean, babies can be messy during nappy changes, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your changing pad is a dark colour and easy to clean. Luckily, most baby bags come with changing pads built in them these days. We absolutely love the ones that come with Jean Kelly baby bags. And for dads, there’s DaddyKool.

Baby Wipes

This is the second thing to always pack in your baby bag, as baby’s bum has to be wiped clean before every new diaper is put on. Start your baby on wipes for sensitive skin to reduce the chance of a reaction occurring.

Bum Cream

Although most diapers these days are hypoallergenic, to reduce the chances of baby getting a nappy rush, a little more moisture on the bum can’t hurt. Babies are also prone to dry skin, so the more moisturised, the better. We love the Pure Beginnings Baby Bum Cream with organic baobab – it smells great, too!

Nappy Sacks

There’s nothing more annoying than spotting a full nappy carelessly thrown in a bin. Eew! To avoid doing this, get yourself disposable nappy sacks. The best part is that most of them are fragranced, which hides any telltale smells.

Hand Sanitiser

You never know when baby is going to go, and you might not have a bathroom close by to wash your hands, so make sure you keep some hand sanitiser in the bag. It's also unhygienic to go from changing to feeding with dirty hands. Try out the Oh So Heavenly hand cleansers for starters.

Baby Moisturiser And Sunscreen

Protect your baby’s skin by packing an extra tub of baby jelly or aqueous cream, a bottle of baby oil and sunscreen. You can even throw in a sun hat to make sure baby is well-protected from UV rays. Check out the MooMoo Kids range for some great options.

Gripe Water

The best way to get rid of hiccups is by giving your baby 5ml of gripe water. Gripe water also has other benefits for baby’s tummy, so it’s always good to have handy.

Baby Blanket

Most babies love to be warmly wrapped and swaddled. Always keep a blanket packed and handy so that baby will be nice and warm on those cold days, especially in their younger months before the rolling over, sitting, crawling and standing starts. Romy & Rosie has some fabulous options.

Change Of Clothes

We all know that babies can be extremely messy. Pack an extra set – or three – of clothing for them, and don’t be shy about packing an extra clean top or jersey for yourself too – just in case.

Bottle/s And Snack

Pack a bottle of milk, formula or breastmilk and/or a snack for babies over 6 months. Purity has teething biscuits for teething babies – these are wonderful as they double as a tasty treat.

Have we left out any baby bag essentials? Let us know below!


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