Augmented Soul: The New Sheriff’s In Town

Describing their sound as Premium Soulful House, these music gurus are here to stay. Fusing African elements, their sound is mainly driven by electric pianos and distinct synthesizers.

Augmented Soul: The New Sheriff's In Town

Who Are They?

They are bringing a unique sound around town, and they are a breath of fresh air, take our word for it when we say so. Augmented Soul are a soulful house duo whose names was derived from the chord in classical music theory the Augmented Fifth, where the fifth note in the chord is raised. They know their music hey? We definitely think so too!

Augmented Soul: The New Sheriff's In Town

The music duo sprung from the collaboration Etu Beats (Tumi Montsho) and B-Soul (Brighton Nkomo) and they came together as Djs in 2017. Their mission – to raise the bar on soulful house. Within a short period of time they managed to develop and create their own sound, with their instantly recognisable rythms, and electric piano overlays. Their current single is Special Kind of Love with vocals by AB Crazy and Mpho Serero.

Follow Their Journey

Does the the name Augmented Soul ring a bell yet? Well maybe you know their biggest single so far – Stay on my Mind featuring Sheree Hicks. Which outsold the South African market in both the USA and Britain. They both produce as well as DJ, and say producing is equally important., which shows just how passionate they are with music and developing new sounds.

While they want to build the brand at home the pair say their ambition is to be “one of the most respected brands in house music worldwide, within five years”. The music runs deep with these guys; it’s about a core sound, not just the whims of the marketplace. So, they are indeed destined to win our hearts over! Before we forget, make sure you visit Itunes, Youtube, Deezer, Spotify and Shazam to listen to their music.

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