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Are Diamond Wedding Rings Going Out Of Fashion?

Are Diamond Wedding Rings Going Out Of Fashion?

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In one word: No! In fact, they're more popular than ever before! young-man-putting-wedding-ring-woman-finger_23-2148020111- freepik

Statement Wedding Bands

We're predicting standalone bands are going to be hot in 2021 for a couple of reasons:

  • they tend to be more affordable than bridal sets;
  • bring a cool unisex vibe and in these post-COVID times;
  • they're easy to sanitize.

The newest bands are bolder than ever, with diamond-encrusted, maximalist cigar bands, luxe signet rings and sparkly eternity bands that give the characteristic solid metal band a significant fashion upgrade. We love the thought of wearing your wedding ring and engagement ring on separate hands or fingers, or wearing your wedding band on certain days and your engagement ring on others.

Definitely on the rise are yellow gold wedding rings for women, as well as platinum wedding bands, they have been trending for the year 2020/2021. Most people might feel inclined towards a more classic and timeless style with a contemporary twist.

Throughout the past decade, there has been a tremendous shift in the wedding industry towards personal expression. Long gone are the rules that once dictated every aspect of a wedding from white gowns and formal banquet halls to stiff posed photography and matchy-matchy wedding bands. Today's weddings are all about legendary fables, through unique details and artistic wedding planning.

However, with all this freedom comes a lot more choices that can often feel overwhelming. Lucky for you, we are here to get you started on your diamond wedding band journey.

First, let's talk about choice. There are really no rules when it involves selecting your wedding bands. If you love it, nothing else matters. However, that does not mean that traditional wedding ring styles aren't for you. For example, if you're keen on the design of a fitted curved wedding ring, then choose it. After all, the new trend offers you the independence to select the wedding band you are in love with, no matter whether it's traditional or modern. Again, if you're keen on it, then that is the ring for you.

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New 2021 Wedding Band Trends

Minimalist Wedding Bands

A minimalist wedding band tends to be a narrow plain gold or diamond band. It's tiny and understated. It tends to match almost any ring style. For big engagement rings, it adds contrast. For modest engagement rings, it's subtle and doesn't detract attention from the engagement ring.

Eternity Diamond Bands

Eternity rings and bands are designed to be the symbol or token of everlasting love and represent the loop of eternity that a couple plans to share. Moreover, these rings are meant to portray “the eternal circle of life”. Traditionally, the eternity wedding ring must be worn on the third finger of the left hand, but if you already have an engagement ring, it can be worn on the equivalent finger on the right hand. Eternity rings could be stacked for a snazzy look, as well as used as a stand-alone ring for sophistication and elegance.

Diamond & Gemstone Wedding Bands

Coloured stones have seen a revival in the bridal season and they are gorgeous. Some brides choose their birthstones. However, some couples play with the idea of using the birthstone of the month of their nuptials. Pairing these alternating with diamonds in a wedding band sets it apart as unique and an ideal choice as a single ring.

Bigger Diamonds

The complete opposite of the minimalist band are five, seven or nine stone big diamond bands. These bold chunky wedding rings are pure luxury. They are an especially fun way to add contrast to a classic solitaire engagement ring.

Consistent Wedding Band Trends

Stackable Wedding Bands

Stackable diamond wedding bands takes all the guesswork out of hunting for anniversary gifts. Simply add another ring for your first anniversary. It is also the perfect gift for your firstborn child or to mark a serious life achievement. This way, your wedding set also represents milestones in your life.

Two Wedding Bands

Why wear only one diamond band when you can wear two? The double wedding ring look features a number of advantages:

  • Firstly, it acts as a good set of protection bands for your engagement ring against side knocks and bumps.
  • Secondly, it gives your wedding ring set a balanced look.
  • Thirdly, with every single style of engagement ring, the double wedding bands give a definitive luxury feel.

Curved Wedding Bands

Curved wedding bands will always be a favourite among brides trying to find a well-matched look. Unlike a straight wedding ring which will not sit flush against your ring, a curved wedding ring is custom manufactured to the curvature of your engagement ring, especially around the main setting. Just keep in mind that curved diamond wedding bands look better worn with your engagement ring than on their own.

Matching Wedding Bands

Matching your spouse's wedding band with yours might a bit old fashioned, but it's also extremely romantic! Plus, with a wider definition of 'matching', you still have lots of freedom. To find the right matching wedding rings, find one or two design elements that you simply both love and incorporate smaller diamonds for her and bigger diamonds for him.

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